Dan and Harry Skelton go head-to-head in unique race

Brothers Dan and Harry Skelton have been racing each other this week - but not as you might think.

The pair were challenged to go head-to-head by luxury Italian car brand Maserati in a race that put Dan behind the wheel of the new Maserati Levanti Diesel, while jockey Harry took to the saddle on his horse, Dinnie O. 

Following the rules of historical point-to-point racing, Dan and Harry were tasked with travelling between two set points as fast as possible.

While it was a close race and with both competitors taking different routes to the finish line,  Dan pipped Harry and Dinnie O to the post, overtaking them on the final straight.

Commenting on the challenge, Dan Skelton said, “Racing my brother through the British countryside in the new Maserati Levante was fantastic fun and of course the best combination won!”

Harry Skelton said, “We’ve always been ultra-competitive and of course I never like losing to my brother.

"The challenge was something very different to my usual day job, and I’m hoping Dan will lend me the keys to his Levante soon so I can get behind the wheel for a test drive.”

Watch the pair battle it out

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