Cyclist fined after hitting horse during Royal Windsor Triathlon


A cyclist has been found guilty after hitting a horse and rider while competing in the Royal Windsor Triathlon. 

Iain Plumb, 32, of Crowthorne, Berkshire, was taking part in the bike leg of the open road event when he hit the horse and rider, causing the animal to bolt.

Hat camera footage filmed by the rider, Jennifer Katherine, showed a number of cyclists undertaking her. The footage has received more than five million views. One of the cyclists hit her horse, but didn’t stop. 

‘Lack of safety awareness’

Jennifer said: “It was terrifying being on a spooked horse and knowing that these individuals weren’t willing to stop. I am lucky to ride such a calm animal but there are other horses that really wouldn’t have tolerated the speed and proximity of those cyclists.

“I hope this doesn’t divide us but makes us stronger in raising awareness of what seems like an ongoing and escalating issue regarding the lack of safety awareness from some individuals when passing vulnerable road users.”

Horse uninjured

The horse lost a shoe but was uninjured, and Jennifer got a bruised ankle. 

Iain Plumb was voluntarily interviewed by police last October. The cyclist was found guilty of one count of riding without reasonable consideration for others after a trial at High Wycombe Magistrates' Court on 21 January. He was fined £926 to include compensation to the horse rider and court costs.

PC Peter Dorling of Thames Valley Police said: “While attempting to undertake a horse and horse rider, Plumb put other road users in danger. Thankfully the horse was not injured.”

Following the incident on 17 June 2018 Human Race, the organisers of the triathlon, have banned Iain Plumb from competing in future races. They have also pledged to improve signage, communication with the equestrian community and education of competitors.

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