Competitors take aim for second round Trailblazers qualification

As this year’s SEIB Trailblazers Championship series gains momentum competitors set their sights on second round qualification for the prestigious Trailblazers Premier Grassroots Championship Finals at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire (28 July - 5 August).


Once riders have purchased their qualification card they can compete in as many second round competitions as they wish, to ensure they maximise their chances of securing a ticket to the SEIB Trailblazers Championship Finals at Stoneleigh Park this summer (please note: showing and working hunter first rounds are direct qualifiers for the Championship Finals and run until June).

Classes at the SEIB Trailblazers Championship include; showing and working hunter, dressage, show jumping and combined training and take place across the week:

  • Dodson & Horrell Dressage29 - 30 July
  • SUPREME PRODUCTS Showing & Working Hunter   29 - 30 July
  • Albion Senior & Junior Show Jumping   3 - 5 August
  • Griffin Nuumed Horse & Pony Combined Training   3 -  4 August

Trailblazers is the only organisation in the UK that you can register horse and rider free of charge and allows horse and rider combinations to compete in any or all four disciplines at a level of their choice.

"Trailblazers is an unaffiliated series aimed at the grassroots and national competitor, I felt it was important to provide them with the opportunity to compete in a thrilling, competitive and professionally organised equestrian competition series which offers a prestigious, but attainable Championship Final," said Kelvin Bywater, Show Director.

Trailblazers first round competitions are held throughout the year.  Competitors in first round classes are awarded a qualification pack towards the second round competitions if they achieve the specified level when competing in the different disciplines.  In dressage that means gaining a score of 58% or more; in show jumping a double clear is required and combined training requires a top 5 placing. Successful competitors can then progress to the second round by purchasing a second round qualification card costing £12 as proof of qualification.  They can enter as many competitions as they wish at this level to try and achieve Championship Qualification.

Check online for Trailblazers second round qualifiers and dates and use our google map to find a venue near you