Charlotte DuJardin visits Brooke’s work in Ethiopia

On World Animal Day 2017, Charlotte Dujardin CBE, British Dressage superstar, Olympic Gold Medallist and global ambassador for Brooke has announced that she will be visiting Ethiopia at the end of October 2017 to see the charity’s work.

Charlotte in India.jpg

She will be accompanied by fellow elite dressage rider Alice Oppenheimer.

With approximately nine million horses, donkeys and mules, Ethiopia has the third largest equine population in the world.

These animals play a crucial role in the national economy but live under harsh conditions with a life expectancy of just a third of what would be expected.

The trip will be the second time Charlotte and Alice have seen Brooke’s work, after visiting their programme in India in October 2015.

There they met women’s equine welfare groups, saw busy markets in New Delhi, dusty brick kilns and thousands of horses, donkeys and mules being bought and sold at an equine fair.

Charlotte said: “My first trip with Brooke to see the work in India was an eye opening experience for me. It was a rollercoaster of emotions, seeing the sheer scale of welfare issues and the level of suffering alongside the incredible achievements of Brooke’s teams to improve the lives of horses, donkeys and mules.”

On the trip, which will take place from 24 – 30 October Charlotte and Alice will meet urban gharry horses, who work day in, day out as town taxis.

They are a particularly stark example of the suffering Brooke is working to prevent.

They will see first-hand the difference that Brooke is making, meeting the passionate Brooke Ethiopia field staff, trained local vets, farriers and harness makers who are working hard with local communities and service providers to bring about long term change.

Charlotte became Brooke’s global ambassador in February 2015, and as well as raising vital funds for them, has been supporting the charity at events and with campaigns.

This year she has supported Brooke’s How The Other Horse Lives campaign, and My Hackathon, a fundraising activity for equestrians across the U.K.

To see footage and stories from the trip, make sure you follow both Charlotte, Alice and Brooke on Facebook.