Can You Give a Home to a Lonely Pony Looking for Love?

World Horse Welfare has highlighted urgent need for rehoming due to an influx of welfare cases across Rescue and Rehoming Centres.
Each year, World Horse Welfare finds new homes for around 300 horses and ponies around the UK and this Rehome a Horse Month, the charity is highlighting eight ponies who have been particularly unsuccessful in their search for a new best friend or family. B

ailey, Beau, Bren, Griff, Marge, Quaver, Roxy and Ted are just a selection of over 80 horses and ponies currently looking for homes on World Horse Welfare’s Rehoming Scheme which is the largest of its kind in the UK.

Rehoming is vital to the sustainability of the World Horse Welfare’s work as each horse or pony rehomed leaves space for another in need of help. Current stocking levels across all four of the charity’s Rescue and Rehoming Centres are particularly high and so the need to find the right homes for as many horses and ponies on the Rehoming Scheme is more important than ever.  

“Before the winter has even started, two of our four Rescue and Rehoming Centres are over capacity and the other two are very close to their maximum stocking levels too," said World Horse Welfare Deputy Chief Executive, Tony Tyler.

"It is difficult to pinpoint any major factors which have led to the large numbers of horses and ponies currently in our care, however with a harsh winter forecast ahead, it is vital that we continue to find homes for as many equines on our rehoming scheme as possible. 

“I would urge anyone thinking about getting a new horse or pony to please consider rehoming in the first instance. Not only can you find your ideal equine partner with a guarantee of complete honesty and transparency but you will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you are giving that particular horse or pony a second chance at the life and love they deserve.  

“In addition, rehoming from World Horse Welfare offers a safety net that should things with your new horse or pony not work out or your circumstances change the equine can be returned to our care at any time. All of our rehomers tell us over and over again that they wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it so please do go and search our website now and see if you can join them.”  

Lonely Ponies at WHW Hall Farm – Snetterton, Norfolk

WHW Bailey and Roxy.jpg


An intelligent 12.1hh, 6 year old pony mare looking for a home as a companion, Bailey is bright as a button, inquisitive and very quick to learn. Her unusual spotty colouring ensures she always stands out from the crowd and whilst she does need firm boundaries setting, she will be your best friend for life. Bailey has been looking for a home since October 2016.


Full of character and sociable with humans and equines alike, 12hh, 8 year old mare Roxy is looking for a home as a companion. She is highly intelligent, curious and inquisitive so needs a home where she can keep busy and be a loyal friend to her new family. Roxy has been looking for a home since October 2015.  

Ponies at WHW Belwade Farm - Aboyne, Aberdeenshire

WHW Beau and Ted.jpg


Sweet and good-natured, 13.1hh, 4 year old mare Beau really lives up to her name. This beautiful youngster is looking for a home as a companion and will need regular handling. She was very nervous when she came into our care but has grown immensely in confidence and can’t wait to find a home where she can continue her education. Beau has been looking for a home since March 2016.

Ted (Copperfield)

Adorable 12.3hh, 3 year old gelding Ted is looking for a home where he can continue learning about the world with a view to being backed to ride in the future. Ted was initially worried by human contact but his character is beginning to shine through and he loves attention - becoming rather cheeky. Ted has been looking for a home since August 2016.

Ponies at WHW Penny Farm – Blackpool, Lancashire

WHW Marge and Quaver.jpg


Lovely, quiet little 11.2hh yearling filly Marge is looking for a home where she can continue her handling and development. Although only one year old, Marge is good to groom, catch and is well behaved for the vet and farrier. She is very gentle and loves nothing more than fuss and attention. Marge has so far only received one rehoming application.


Handsome 13hh, 3 year old gelding Quaver is looking for a very special home as a companion/project pony. Quaver came into our care as a feral, unhandled pony and it has taken a long time to build his confidence and trust in humans. Quaver is a very kind pony who needs routine and careful handling to help him continue learning and develop a close bond with his rehomer. Quaver has been looking for a home since April 2017.  

Ponies at WHW Glenda Spooner Farm – Kingsdon, Somerset

WHW Lynbrie and Griff.jpg

Lynbrie Brenhins (Bren) 

Pretty 13.2hh, 5 year old mare Bren is looking for a home as a companion where she could take part in horse agility or low level in-hand showing. Sweet-natured with stunning good looks and a heart of gold, Bren is a fantastic field companion and would love to find her forever home. Bren has been looking for a home since October 2016.


Friendly 13.2hh, 2 year old gelding Griff is looking for a home where he can continue learning about the world. Inquisitive and a very fast-learner, Griff has proved himself a natural at horse agility and loves nothing more than spending time with both his human and horse companions. Griff is sociable, laid back and great to handle. Griff has been looking for a home since December 2016.

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