Calling all dressage fans - Florian Bacher is at Your Horse Live!

Florian Bacher to make a rare appearance at Your Horse Live

Florian Bacher to make a rare appearance at Your Horse Live

We know that for many of the visitors to Your Horse Live, dressage is their passion and, if this is you, you're in for a real treat this year. Dressage maestro Florian Bacher will be there, demonstrating in the BETA arena. And we can't wait - such a rare opportunity.

Florian Bacher was born in Vienna in 1985 and into a family with a long riding tradition. 

At a very early age, he fell in love with horses and, following in his family’s footsteps, began his riding career at just six-years-old.

To support his talent, the renowned dressage trainer and rider Arthur Kottas Heldenberg offered him the chance to ride his horses - Florian was 11 at the time. 

At the age of 15, he joined the Spanish Riding School where he trained for 18 years. It was at this prestigious school where he not only learnt the art of riding to the utmost perfection, he also trained two solo horses on his own - which is a real accolade.

Florian Bacher now trains with Carl Hester and is a passionate trainer and mentor himself, as well as a successful International dressage rider. On a recent visit to the UK earlier this year he competed at Bolesworth International. 

At Your Horse Live, he will be demonstrating some of the training techniques that led him to the very top of the Spanish Riding School, working with a number of horse and rider combinations and exhibiting the in-hand work so vital to the training of his horses and those of the Spanish Riding School. 

You probably don't want to miss this so grab tickets while you can. Visit to book.


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