Brewery welcome baby Shire to the family


Robinsons Brewery, situated in the heart of Stockport for over 180 years, has announced a special new addition to its Shire horse family. 

The brewery’s brood mare, Horsemans Princess Giselle, has given birth to the brewery’s first foal – Hillgate Henrietta-Anne, born on Saturday, 27 April.

Robinsons has been passionate about Shire horses since the business began. In its heyday, before the arrival of the internal combustion engine, Shires were used in the main brewery yard delivering traditionally brewed ales to local inns and hostelries.

They were also used for inter-brewery work, moving bottles and cases between Unicorn and Hempshaw Brook Breweries in the 1950s. The Shires also moved cinders from the main yard, spent hops and waste paper.

To this day the brewery keeps Shire horses at the Stockport site – they often compete in shows and remain a major attraction for tourists. 

Helen Preece, head horseperson at Robinsons Brewery, explained: “Hillgate Henrietta-Anne is our first foal to be born following the launch of our own Shire horse breeding programme.

“She is a bay filly foal with four white legs and a blaze and she is absolutely perfect! We now have our own registered prefix, ‘Hillgate’, with the Shire Horse Society; which all future foals will inherit. 

“We are all so proud to be preserving and promoting the Shire horse breed – something Robinsons have been passionate about since the beginning of their business time.

“The team and I are excited to welcome the special new edition to the family and are honoured to be involved with the beginning of a new era for Robinsons.”

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