BHS release statement after horse and rider hit by car


The British Horse Society has released a statement, following the shocking footage of a horse and rider being struck from behind by an impatient driver.

The incident, which happened last week in Manchester, was caught on CCTV and shows a horse and rider walking along a street, with a car waiting behind to overtake.

The driver gradually gets closer and closer to the horse and rider, before driving into the horse's hind legs, causing the rider to fall and the horse to spook.

The car in question then appears to drive off, leaving a member of the public to rush over to check on the rider.

According to the Mirror, the horse has had to undergo major surgery.

The BHS's Director of Safety, Alan Hiscox, said: “This incident is absolutely shocking, I wish the rider and horse a speedy recovery.

"Unfortunately, incidents like this are far too common, riders face a very real threat when they are out on our roads.

"We are asking all drivers adhere to our Dead Slow message and slow right down when they encounter a horse on a road, passing only when it’s safe to do so at an absolute maximum of 15mph and leaving at least a car width between them and the horse."

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