BBC features horse trainer's latest adventure

Horse trainer, Emma Massingale, hit TV screens last night in episode one of a three-part series.

A different way to travel! 

A different way to travel! 

The series, which continues tonight and tomorrow (February 27 and 28) on the BBC's One Show, follows Emma as she spends a month horseboarding behind two young Eriskay ponies across the 10 islands that make up the Outer Hebrides. 

Emma took the challenge head on, camping out with ponies Noah and Storm and her little dog Inca, foraging and fishing for food as she went.

Speaking after her challenge, Emma said: “Wow, what an adventure! The Outer Hebrides are truly breathtaking and there are natural treasures around every corner.

"10 islands explored, six causeways crossed and around 185 miles covered! We finished filming at the Butt of Lewis.

"It was a world-first to travel like this and I loved horseboarding with Noah and Storm, while carrying Inca on my back.

"The Eriskays have learnt a lot - there's nothing like training on the job. I always try and prepare for a trip but until you’re actually living it, you never really know what you have let yourself in for!”

Emma with Eriskays.jpg

This isn't the first time that Emma has taken a native pony breed back to its place of origin. 

In the past, she has transported her Connemaras to a remote Irish Island for a month and even taken a pair of Shetlands back to the Shetland Islands by sail boat.

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