Badminton best bits: laughter, tears and bright green trousers

Jonelle Price and Classic Moet

Jonelle Price and Classic Moet

The Mitsubishi Motors Badminton Horse Trials is over for another year, and we’ve rounded up 16 of the best things we saw and heard at this year’s event...


1 "She's so unspecial that it makes her very special."

Joelle Price on her Badminton 2018 winner Classic Moet.

2 “He just stepped over the Vicarage Vee. I was like ‘Oh, is that it?’”

Ros Canter on third-placed Allstar B’s scope

3 “He should be named Ivar Fasten.”

BBC presenter Clare Balding after Ivar Gooden’s quick cross-country clear with Imogen Murray, who finished 11th.

4 Radio Badminton co-presenter Matt Ryan calling Irish rider Padraig McCarthy “Pad-Rag”.

It’s actually pronounced “Porr-Rig”. He finished eighth on Mr Chunky.

5 “Mr Chunky was in Rio [at the Olympics] ridden by Simon Porloe.”

Radio Badminton presenter Rupert Bell getting his horses mixed up — it was actually the horse Simon Porloe in Rio ridden by Ireland’s Padraig McCarthy, who piloted Mr Chunky at Badminton.

6 “This horse’s name is pronounced Bonza King Of Rogues. Do you think someone couldn’t spell? It must be the Australian spelling.”

Badminton Radio co-presenter Daisy Berkeley on Paul Tapner’s Bonza King Of Rouges, 23rd.

7 “Oliver Townend looks absolutely Billy-Bush-Wackered.”

Rupert Bell after Oliver’s cross-country round aboard a tiring Ballaghmore Class.

8 “Wow, she made that look easy. It was just ding-a-ling-a-ling.”

Matt Ryan on Jonelle Price and Classic Moet through Huntsmans Close.

9 “Pick up a tennis racket instead.”

Mark Todd's answer when asked at Friday’s press conference what his 10-year-old self’s advice would be for successfully riding the following day’s cross-country course.

10 “A young person would say just get on with it. You’ve only got to jump the jumps.” 

Ros Canter answers the same question with a smile.

11 “This trot, if I’m being rude, looks a bit like a hack in the park. I’m running out of adjectives, so over to you, Peter [Storr].”

Pammy Hutton is brutally honest during Simon Grieve’s dressage test aboard Drumbilla Metro.

12 “I skipped around the course on the pushbike yesterday. I think we were clear.”

Tim Price chooses wheels over feet for his cross-country course walking.

13 Pippa Funnell on her decision to run Billy Beware.

“William Fox-Pitt and I were sitting on our young horses at Belton a couple of weeks ago and said ‘Well, there won’t be too many more years we’ll get to Badminton, so shall we both just go and enjoy it?’ And so, here we are!”

Pippa retired Billy Beware after picking up cross-country jumping penalties, as did William when Fernhill Pimms ran out.

14 “B to C looks just about impossible.”

Course-designer Eric Winter on the skinny brush in water (b) to a brush (c) on a serious angle and up a steep bank at the exit from the Lake.

15 Yorkshire dominating the Mitsubishi Motors Cup.

Trainee PE teacher Lois Teal took the BE100 grassroots championship while fellow Yorkshire rider Lauren Burton netted the BE90 title.

Harry Meade trots up Away Cruising

Harry Meade trots up Away Cruising

16 Harry Meade's bright green trousers.

These were a proper eye-turner at the horse inspection.




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