Pet owners get set to splash the cash this Valentine's Day

New research by American Express has revealed that nearly one fifth (19%) of us will be splashing out on Valentine’s Day treat for our four legged friends tomorrow – in fact, we’re set to spend a total of £27 million* on pets, with our dogs coming top of the present list. 

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Family pets aside, we’ve not all forgotten our human partners and the majority of Brits (56%) will still be prioritise their boyfriends, girlfriends, wives and husbands. In total we’ll be spending £776 million** on Valentine’s gifts for each other – an average of £27 per partner (pet presents come in at a more conservative £5 per animal).

“Britain is a nation of animal lovers and it’s great to see we are showing affection to both pets and partners this Valentine’s Day,” says Jenny Cheung, Director at American Express says.

“Whether you’re treating a partner, family member or four-legged companion, putting related expenditure on a card that earns rewards or cashback is one way of ensuring you give your finances some love too.”

Tips for celebrating Valentine’s Day

Sweet treats

One of the most popular Valentine's Day gifts among people are chocolate and candy, but sadly not all of these are suitable for your animal companion. If you enjoy creating recipes in the kitchen, show your pet some love by whipping up treats they’ll enjoy. Simply search online for pet recipes to find some culinary inspiration.

Arrange a pet play date


Invite friends over who also have four-legged friends and spend part of your Valentine's Day having a pet-friendly play date. While you and your friends catch up with one another, let your pets have fun with friends of their own.

Take them out

Instead of staying indoors for Valentine's Day, take your pet out on the town and pamper it a little bit with a trip to the grooming salon. Afterwards, you can head over to a pet-friendly park or your favourite walking spot for some quality time together.

Points make presents

Whether it’s your partner or pet that you’re spoiling this Valentine’s Day, check how many points you’ve accrued on your credit, charge or loyalty card, as you might be able to redeem them and get your pet gifts for free

[Small print]

Omnibus research was conducted by Opinium, 2,000 adults were surveyed between 7-9 February 2017.

*51,339,161 adults living in the UK (ONS), of which 56% are buying gifts for their partners = 28,749,930 x £27 = £ 776,248,110

**51,339,161 adults living in the UK (ONS), of which 56% are pet owners = 28,749,930. 19% of pet owners buying gifts =5,462,486 x £5 = £27,312,430