Redwings’ oldest resident dies aged 44

Redwings are mourning the loss of their oldest sanctuary resident, who sadly passed away this month.

Pandora (left) had lived with Redwings since 1988 (Pic: Redwings)

Pandora (left) had lived with Redwings since 1988 (Pic: Redwings)

Pandora the donkey, who lived at the Caldecott Visitor Centre in Norfolk, was 44-years old and first came to Redwings in 1988 after her elderly owners expressed their concern for her future welfare, should anything have happened to them.

Despite her advancing age, Pandora was often found enjoying a run around the field with her donkey friends and lived a long and happy life at the sanctuary.

Pandora was put down two weekends ago, after the team at Redwings discovered she was suffering from a gastric impaction. Due to her age, surgery wasn’t an option for Pandora and vets decided it was best to put her down to prevent her suffering any further.

Writing on their website, a Redwings spokesperson said: “I’m sure all of her fans from over the years will join us in saying how incredibly missed this sweet little donkey will be. RIP Pandora.”

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