Horse charity speaks out against pregnant mare’s blood trade

World Horse Welfare have urged their supporters to sign a petition that calls for the ban on the import of blood obtained from pregnant mares to the EU.


The petition, currently circulating on campaigning website Avaaz, has collected over 1.5 million signatures since it was published last week.

It wants to raise the awareness of the horse blood industry and aims to make the EU ban the import of any goods produced that use techniques that are cruel and cause suffering to animals.

World Horse Welfare, while not currently campaigning for the ban themselves, want to show their support for the Avaaz petition and ensure it makes as much impact as possible. They tweeted a link to the petition this week, asking for their supporters to sign it.

The horse blood industry has gone relatively under the radar for some time, but an investigation by animal welfare groups, Tiershutzbund Zurich and Animal Welfare Foundation, revealed practices that appeared to show pregnant mares being beaten and bullied into pens. It’s thought that this was prior to their blood being taken.  

A spokesperson for World Horse Welfare said: “The investigations by Tierschutzbund Zurich (TSB) and Animal Welfare Foundation (AWF) appear to show some appalling practices in sourcing blood from pregnant mares in some countries of South America. 

“We are in close contact with TSB and the AWF about their campaign and how we might support it.”

Currently, a hormone from the blood of pregnant mares is used by pharmaceutical companies.

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