Neue Schule unveils new Poll Pressure Guide

A revolutionary Poll Pressure Guide has been developed and unveiled by bit specialist Neue Schule to tackle misconceptions, provide greater understanding of the bit's action and help riders make a more informed choice when buying different cheek types.

The new poll pressure guide from Neue Schule can be viewed online

The new poll pressure guide from Neue Schule can be viewed online

The guide, the first of its kind, is the result of ongoing research by Neue Schule. It was devised by Heather Hyde, the company's founder and bitting guru, who embarked on this crucial study to discover exactly how much pressure each bit in the company's product range exerted, according to cheek type.

Extensive tests were carried out by the experts at Neue Schule using two sensors – one applied to the cheekpiece, the other to the rein. Tension measurement data was then transmitted to a central computer and a rating was calculated to show exactly how much poll pressure each type of bit created. All data was recorded independent of rider and horse ability and by using the most common rein tension employed in normal riding.

“The research culminated in some surprises, as well as reiterating many of our suspicions,” said Heather. “It will be a great tool to dispel some of the long-standing misconceptions surrounding the action of bits.”

One of the study's most fascinating discoveries lays to rest a debate that has divided opinion for years. While one school of thought believed that the Baucher – or Hanging Cheek – snaffle exerted pressure on the poll, the other felt that it actually alleviated it. Neue Schule’s research now shows conclusively that this type of bit does indeed have a poll-relief effect.

The Neue Schule Poll Pressure Guide can be viewed online in a digital format at or as a printed leaflet from approved Neue Schule stockists.

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