What's your relationship like with your vet?

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Following the success of the UK’s first Equine Flu Awareness Month (EFAM) in April this year, the team at Merial Animal Health is keen to learn more about the relationship you have with your vet via a simple online survey.

The survey will help them to understand this relationship, specifically regarding preventative healthcare and keeping your horse in tip-top condition. It will take approximately 15 minutes and, as a thank you for taking part*, you'll receive £5 by PayPal or in Amazon vouchers.

Why take the survey?

Here, Louise Radford MRCVS from Merial Animal Health, discusses why it’s important to better understand your thoughts on preventative healthcare and veterinary support for the horse(s) in your care.

"The Animal Health Trust (AHT) and Merial Animal Health joined forces earlier this year to launch the annual EFAM, to help raise awareness, understanding and surveillance of equine flu, a highly contagious and constantly evolving disease. We would now like to learn more about the wider aspects of veterinary care for your horses and your relationship with your horse and your vet.

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"The reasons for having a life that includes horses will depend on many things, not least the purpose of owning or caring for them in the first place; whether it’s your job, business or vocation - for example if you are a groom, trainer, breeder or professional rider; or if you ride for pleasure and/or keep your horse for companionship. Whatever your connection with your horse, keeping our horses fit and healthy is invariably a top priority.

"However, there are inevitably differences in how we approach this. Budgets will play a large role for many of us, defining the parameters within which we provide our healthcare. Our age and experience too will impact on where and how we obtain the information we need to improve our knowledge and understanding, and also influence the products and services that we select.

"Where we keep or train and compete our horse or horses and the equestrian circles we live or work in will also influence the way we care for our horses and the decisions we make on their behalf.

"The internet and social media have of course had a major impact on communication globally, not just in horsey communities. We are bombarded with such a plethora of information, advertising and opinion, it can be overwhelming!

"So that’s why we have created this survey, so that we can better understand what is important to you as a ‘carer’ of horses, your understanding of preventative healthcare and what that means to you, and in doing so, we hope to provide you with more meaningful information delivered in a way that works best for you."

Watch this space - the results will be revealed in February 2017.

For more information on Equine Flu Awareness Month visit www.equinefluawareness.com

*Please note your responses to the survey will not be linked with your name and the information you provide will be used for research and communication purposes only. In accordance with standard market research practices your identity will remain confidential.