Hovis the horse prepares for Your Horse Live

Hovis wants to look his best for Your Horse Live

Hovis wants to look his best for Your Horse Live

Next week we'll be heading to Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire for Your Horse Live 2016 (12-13 November) and there are so many reasons to be excited, including this one...


In preparation, and like any true star, the big man is busy making sure he has his pedicure and hairdresser appointments booked. Here he tells us why we should all be getting excited and prepared for Your Horse Live....just like him.

"Who are you the most excited about going to see at this year’s event?  Other than me, obviously.

"Are you all looking forward to the demonstrations? The BETA Arena is amazing as well I know from last time I was there; we got to use it in the mornings before you all turned up and whilst I was supposed to be lame at the time I did enjoy a few moments trotting down the long side, basking in the idea of being in front of a wonderful crowd all screaming my name.  Well the screaming bit was right anyway – Aunty Becky in my ear screaming for me to slow down and stop powering away from her, and mother squawking like a parrot fishwife from the other side of the arena that I was LAME and therefore should remember this before she was forced to pimp out Dad to pay for my ENORMOUS vet bill. 

"Thankfully the insurance company paid and so Dad, and indeed the world, were saved from that hellish idea and I’m back now and fully fit. Aunty Emily has been putting me through boot camp, mother and I have been having regular rows about the relative merits of working into a contact as opposed to my preferred stick-your-nose-out-and-run approach to life, and all in all I’m ready to party.  And I do LOVE a good party. 

So let’s think about this:

Cool New Shoes Man booked for dancing shoes fitting: check

Hairdresser booked: check

Lots of excited equine fans who could be audience members: check

One amazing BETA arena: check

Lots of talented riding stars: check

One fully fit muscled manly equine specimen: check

Huuummmm.  I wonder?

Do you wonder?

I think we should all wonder.  And wait and see...."


(Keep an eye on the Your Horse website for more updates ahead of Your Horse Live next week).

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