Allison Lowther, DEPUTY Editor

Ally’s love of horses began at a young age when she was given riding lessons for her eight birthday from her mum and dad. “I had weekly lessons at the same riding school for eight years,” she says. “I also used to help out at weekends and in school holidays, mucking out, tacking up ponies ready for lessons etc. I shared a pony for a year before I was bought my first horse, Jessica when I was 16.” 

 Life as an Associate Editor
As well as being second in command to the editor Ally is responsible for the Your Horse Gear Guide. She ensures she’s the first to know what new products are hitting the shops and has a trusted team of testers who put new and existing products through their paces every month.

“The Gear Guide part of my role sees me testing many of the products you see in the magazine, or working with my testers to ensure all the reviews we have in the magazine are as honest and as thorough as possible. If we don’t think the product is good enough for you, you won’t see it in the magazine” 

 Ally’s horses
Ally is the proud owner of Jester (aka J-Man) a 21-year-old, 17hh Irish Sports Horse who she’s owned since he was five and Wish (aka Noodle) a 12-year-old, 16.2hh Hanoverian mare. “Jester’s a sensitive wee soul and doesn’t like change, but he’s helped me achieve many of my competitive goals including being placed at a number of British Eventing competitions,” says Ally. “He tolerated the dressage phase, but loved his jumping. Jester still hacks out occasionally, but spends most of his time eating grass! As well as being a complete diva my mare Wish she struts her stuff in the dressage arena. She’s a little work-shy to say the least, but when her mind’s on the job she has great movement and has proved that by winning many classes over the years. She’s also very pretty (not that I’m biased) and she knows it!”