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As we look out of the window of Your Horse Towers, we can’t deny it, there’s a miserable day staring right back at us. It’s autumn – there we said it. But no need to feel glum. We’ve had a glorious summer with our horses, and even though winter can be a pain, there’s lots you can do to make it a more pleasurable few months. And that includes reading Your Horse magazine of course. We make it our mission to bring you fun, advice, inspiration and the best horsey gear every month, and the November issue is no different. Here’s what you can look forward to this month. Grab that cup of tea and dive in.

Your Horse Live 2018 is now just around the corner (well that’s how it feels!) Find out what’s in store for visitors with our YHL preview – lots to tempt you here.  

Our Hack 1000 miles campaign is constantly growing in numbers and many of our challengers are nearing the 1000-mile mark as we head towards the end of 2018. This month, the Your Horse team headed off to the Burghley Sponsored Ride on the Sunday of Burghley Horse Trials. We chatted to many of the lovely folk signed up to our challenge who were taking part.

We talk to Dragon’s Den Deborah Meaden about all things horses.

In our Your Horse Challenges this month, we delve into the world of team chasing. It gives you the ultimate adrenalin rush and even if you decide not to give it a go, it’s a fantastic sport to be a spectator at. Choose your team and roar them on.

In our interview with stunt rider Ben Atkinson, we find out how horses are in his blood, the one thing that makes him nervous, and why he was always falling off as a youngster.

In Better Riding:

·      How to help your cob become light and supple with showing star Katie Jerram

·      Riding serpentines for co-ordination and suppleness with BD judge Alex Gingell

·      Showjumping coach Mia Palles-Clark has three exercises to encourage forwardness

·      Eventing legend Lucinda Green tell us how to end the eventing season positively

In Horse Care:

·      We explore the concept of cafeteria feeding

·      Autumn brings with it a number of dangers for our horses. Find out what they are and how to avoid them.

·      All about the digestive system, including how to prevent problems arising

·      Colour coded – why is your horse the colour he is?

In Gear:

·      Brushing boots on test – who were the winners?

·      On trend – bridles

·      Exclusive – a new gadget that gives you feedback about your contact


·      All action stunt rider Ben Atkinson gives us an insight into his interesting life, including working on Poldark – lucky man

·      Getting the work/home/horses balance just right – one reader tells us how she does it

·      Your horse challenges you to try team chasing

·      Ask the experts – buying horses, foot care, dressage and bedding

·      Learn all about the logger horse

·      Lots of prizes up for grabs including tickets to Your Horse Live

·      And we take five with dragon Deborah Meaden about her 14 horses, which celebrity horse she’d like to own and whether she prefers heels or flats

And don’t forget our fabulous competitions:

WIN Tickets to Your Horse Live

WIN A riding outfit from Noble Outfitters,

WIN Mobility sets from Horslyx

WIN A bundle of leather bags and

WIN Botanica winter skin care packs



Inside the May issue of Your Horse Magazine

The May issue of Your Horse is here. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that the snow is well and truly behind us as this issue we relaunch our fantastic #Hack1000miles campaign.


We explain how you and your horse can get involved this year and also take a look back at the miles Your Horse riders clocked up in 2017.

If you want to hack out, but you’re worried about riding on the road, don’t miss our riding in the city feature.

We spent a day with London City’s Mounted Police Unit who shared their tips for staying safe on the roads.

We also reveal the 12 finalists for our Goal Getter competition.

This lucky lot are in the running for our exciting competition, which includes training from top riders to help achieve their riding dreams.

If you haven’t made the shortlist, but you’re keen to become progress your riding, don’t miss our feature on how to become a sponsored rider.

We chat to the brands that are looking for grassroots riders. Here they explain what they look for in their brand ambassadors and how you could be the person they’re looking for.

In Better Riding

  • Our 30-minute workout will give your horse abs of steel! We show you how to engage his core using poles
  • Improve your horse’s balance and suppleness with Olympic event rider Sam Griffiths
  • Struggling with your square halt? Don’t miss our tips that will help you achieve it every time
  • Ibby Macpherson explains how you can prepare for the cross-country, without leaving your arena
  • Summer is here – make sure you’re ready to compete outside with our confidence-boosting tips

In Horse Care

  • When was the last time you actually read your horse’s feedbag? We take the mystery out of all the ingredients with our comprehensive guide to what’s what
  • Understand your horse’s vital signs with our step-by-step guide
  • ‘Tis the season for sweet itch – we explain how to manage the condition to keep your horse comfortable
  • Had time off? We reveal how to make your return to the saddle as care-free as possible

In the Gear Guide

  • We’ve got the first look of a brand-new fly rug
  • Summer might be on its way, but you won’t be without them this year – we reveal our essential guide to finding the perfect wellington boot
  • Riding gloves get put through their paces in our big test
  • Taking you through from winter to spring, gilets are on trend. We’ve picked our favourites


  • Dressage training and TopSpec Feed
  • Clothing, feed, supplements and more
  • The chance to be Just Togs next brand ambassador

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