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  •  Ros Canter’s gym for horses

  • Conquer competition nerves

  • Transform your jumping technique

  • Special report on protective boots

August issue of Your Horse on sale now. 

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We’re debating some big topics in this issue of Your Horse, from saving the planet to protecting your horse. As well as investigating what is happening in the equine industry to combat plastic waste and putting the issue to our own readers to find out what you’re doing at your own yards, we’ve put brushing boots in the spotlight and asked why there aren’t any industry-wide standards for this essential kit – and whether there should be. 

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·       We talk to CBBC vet James Greenwood about Shire horses, ceramics and his favourite cuppa

·       In Your Horse challenges you this month, we check out horse football– could your horse be the next David Beckham?

·       We interview dressage rider Jo Barry, and find out how a catastrophic head injury made her reassess her life and career

In Your Horse’s Training 

·       Ros Canter shares some genius gymnastic exercises

·       Declutter your mind and rid yourself of crippling competition nerves

·       Three easy ways to improve your horse’s suppleness

·       Florian Bacher sets you on the right path to achieve collection

In Horse Care: 

·       One-eyed wonders – how well do horses cope when they lose an eye?

·       Katie Jerram-Hunnable explains how to trim your horse’s legs for a show ready finish

·       Thehealth issuescaused by pesky flies, and how to treat them

·       Supergroom Alan Davis show you how to manage wounds for effective healing

In Gear:

·       What’s new on the market.

·       The big test – which fly mask comes out on top?

·       On trend – tendon boots

·       What to look for when buying a competition jacket

·       Should boots that claim to protect your horse’s legs have to meet a safety standard?


·       Getting the work/home/horses balance right – the equine nutritionist fitting competing in to her full diary

·       Ask the experts – we get your questions on planning & law, hydrotherapy, using studs and equine careers answered.

·       Plastic pollution– what you can do, and what the equine world is doing, to save the planet

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