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Your Horse June issue

With the June issue of Your Horse get your FREE DVD: training with Laura Tomlinson in association with Martin Collins Enterprises.

in this DVD Laura Tomlinson and Lara Griffith help you to; tackle tension, manage spooking, liven up lazy horses and get horses off the forehand. PLUS there's bonus footage featuring Charlotte Dujardin at Your Horse Live 2016.


Get your competition day warm-up plan + a FREE audio guide

Compete with confidence

  • Calm your nerves
  • Cope after a fall
  • Help nervous horses

The ultimate guide to soundness

Preventing lameness through training and management

Lift his forehand in 4 simple step

Climate change: Is it putting our horses at risk of disease?

How to conquer counter-canter

Discover #Hack1000Miles: Complete our awesome challenge in 1 year!


  • Bitting solutions
  • Managing strong horses, mouth conformation & more
  • Control for jumping
  • Perfect his canter and your accuracy

Tailored sweet itch treatment: Our guide to salves, sprays, supplements & rugs