In the April issue...

In this issue discover how to go for your goals and compete to win! In our guide we help you:

  • Beat first time nerves
  • Ride at the UK’s best Venues
  • Qualify for a championship!

PLUS! We've got two exciting new series we think you'll love - Hairy Hopefuls: Clever training strategies for every horse - whatever his size and shape, and Find it, Fix it, simple training solutions to common schooling problems.

In Better Riding

  • Hairy hopefuls! Trainer Alison Short shows you how to develop your horse’s self-carriage
  • Find it, fix it! Solve your outline problems
  • How to Ride your horse long and low
  • Boost his jumping technique with Andrew Hoy 
  • Spooking solutions with pro Leah Beckett

Horse care advice

Your Horse April issue magazine cover
  • Grooming for gold Tips for show-stopping turnout
  • Have a happier horse We reveal how with some easy changes you can make today
  • Vet Notes The mystery condition PSSM1 explained
  • Equine posture The good, the bad and how (plus why!) you can improve your horse’s posture

Gear Guide

  • First Look The new Alan Davies brush range
  • What’s new The latest gear
  • Put to the test Long yard boots
  • Buyer’s guide Competition jackets to suit your shape and your budget
  • On trend Saddle pads


  • Three complete spring outfits from Toggi and Champion up for grabs 
  • A Likit stable toy bundle, an Amigo turnout rug, first aid kit and more!