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So, as Christmas and the New Year Celebrations beckon, we turn our attention to our dreams and goals for 2019 (and mince pies of course). If you’re anything like us, most of these are horse related. There’s nothing like the feeling of having a whole 12 months stretching out in front of you to do all the things you’ve been itching to do. What are your goals? What do you want to start doing that you’ve never done before? Or is there something you want to stop doing? Whatever it is, Your Horse can help. From the first to the last page, we give you the knowledge, inspiration and motivation to move on with your horsey plans. The website is pretty fabulous too. And to add to the whole festive cheer, we’ve got a great gift for you this issue - our free guide to winter kit – everything you need to know to survive the cold season, all in one place.


We take a look back at 2018 and re-live all the epic things that happened in the equine world.

We talk to household favourite Clare Balding about her life with horses and what’s it’s like in the limelight.

In our Your Horse challenge this month, you can seriously test your flexibility and balance with a spot of vaulting.

In our interview with show jumper and all-round funny man Geoff Billington, we find out how it was pretty girls that got him into horses, his sadness around losing It’s Otto and why he’s turned falling off bar stools without spilling his drink into an art form.

And as always, we have a great prizes for you to win.  

In Better Riding:

·      Eventer Barry Meningen shows us how 30-minutes is plenty of time for an effective winter jumping session

·      We have eventing legend Mark Todd working on balance and suppleness

·      Dressage judge and trainer Alex Gingell tackles riding two half 10m circles perfectly

·      Ben Atkinson, aka the all-action rider, shares one groundwork exercise for spook-proofing your horse

·      Supple up for better paces with leading dressage judge Stephen Clarke

In Horse Care:

·      Learn all about your horse’s back with Gill Higgins

·      Do horses feel the cold? We find out

·      Five equine vets share their funny stories

·      Behind the scenes with the West Sussex Fire Brigade Technical Rescue Unit

·      Vet Colin Mitchell talks about the liver and kidneys and how to keep them healthy

·      Winter worms – keep your horse safe from nasty effects of worms

In Gear:

·      Check out the fleece rug with a difference

·      The big test – country boots

·      What’s new on the market

·      On trend – hats and headbands

·      Buyers guide to bedding

·      Gear advice – winter mirrors


·      Getting the work/home/horses balance just right – a London based chef tells us how it’s done

·      Your horse challenges you to try vaulting

·      Ask the experts – ex-racehorses, jump training, avoiding winter vet bills and winter nutrition

·      Review of 2018

·      Lots of prizes up for grabs including boots, feed and bridles

·      And we take five with presenter Clare Balding

Finally, don’t forget our fabulous competitions:

WIN Bags of Spillers Senior Super-Mash worth £12.49 each

WIN Boots and socks,

WIN A Mark Todd bridle and breastplate,

WIN Winter-proof packs from Global Herbs and

WIN A weather-beating outfit from Noble Outfitters