In the October Issue...

issue 418

With the October issue (on sale 21 September) you'll get your free copy of the 2016 Your Horse Feed Guide. Packed with advice from leading nutrition experts this guide covers everything from how to formulate a ration and feeding competition horses to supplements, fibre and more!

PLUS you can check out what's to come at Your Horse Live this November inside our show preview. We reveal what our demonstrators have planned and tell you where to head for competitions, offers and what you'll see where.

Also in this issue...

In Better Riding

  • How and why to jump a bounce
  • Building topline with advice from Charlie Hutton
  • Expert time-management tips to help you find more time to ride
  • NEW SERIES - Pole Patterns gives you fun new ways to train your horse using poles
  • Schooling solutions to tackle common jumping problems

In Horse Care

  • Equine tooth decay explained
  • How to help a horse who hates the hose with advcie from Jason Webb
  • Six easy ways to protect your horse's legs from injury
  • How to care for your horse's back

In Gear Guide

  • A buyer's guide to bitless bridles
  • Grey shampoos on test
  • Gilets on trend right now
  • Advice on clipping and trimming