In the July Issue...

Your Horse 415

In Better Riding

  • Check out our 30-minute warm up from eventer Jock Paget
  • Follow show jumper Willliam Whitaker's easy exercises to help keep a stressy horse calm
  • Discover how to ride a turn on the forehand with advice from Dan Sherriff
  • Get tips to improve your horse's trot from trainer Sara Gallop
  • Find out how your body really affects the way your ride

In Horse Care

  • Read our expert's in-depth guide to bitting
  • We reveal six easy ways you can keep your horse hydrated
  • Understand equine weight and discover easy weight loss tips to keep you horse healthy
  • Get the latest on headshaking
  • Learn about the latest in foot care and farriery

In Gear Guide

  • We reveal which fly rugs protected our horses the best in our latest test
  • Read our guide to leath care products - we tell you which ones will save you time and money
  • Check out the coolest ventilated hats around