Issue 410

This month in Your Horse discover your dream riding holiday with our expert guide. Get top grooming tips from showing pros Robert and Claire Oliver, understand how to keep your horse's eyes healthy, check out the cross-country craze everyone should try and read the latest vet news on Antimicrobial Resistance


In Better Riding
Master working your horse long and low with expert advice from Alison Short
-Calm a stressy show jumper and jump clear
Refine your lateral work in with a 30-minute session from Hannah Biggs

In Horse Care
-Give your horse a nice stretch with expert advice from anatomy pro GIllian Higgins
-Get expert grooming tips from the Olivers

In Buyers' Guide  
-Read up on magnetic products - how they work, which to buy and browse a selection of wraps, rugs and more
-Bridles on test
-Breeches on trend - six stunning styles you'll love!