In the December issue...

December Your Horse magazine cover

This month we've packed Your Horse with everything you need to survive the month ahead with your horse. here's what you can enjoy...


  • Mind over matter: Discover easy ways to beat your nerves
  • Feng shui your yard: The benefits of restoring calm

In Better Riding

  • Ride well anywhere: Schooling tips for riders without arenas
  • Expert advice to help you: avoid knockdowns, improve his paces and keep him supple
  • Check out our 30-minute lunge workout and download our handy audio guide so you can listen as you lunge.

In Horse care

  • Intelligent horsemanship: How to recognise when your boy needs some space
  • Heart health advice: How to check his heart beat, spot abnormalities and simple stethoscope tips
  • Colic prevention: Changes you should make to your horse’s diet, hydration, worming & turnout
  • Tendon care tips: Avoid common injuries, limit wear and tear

In Gear Guide

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