In the June issue...

Your Horse June issue

With the June issue of Your Horse get your FREE DVD: training with Laura Tomlinson in association with Martin Collins Enterprises.

in this DVD Laura Tomlinson and Lara Griffith help you to; tackle tension, manage spooking, liven up lazy horses and get horses off the forehand. PLUS there's bonus footage featuring Charlotte Dujardin at Your Horse Live 2016.


Get your competition day warm-up plan + a FREE audio guide

Compete with confidence

  • Calm your nerves
  • Cope after a fall
  • Help nervous horses

The ultimate guide to soundness

Preventing lameness through training and management

Lift his forehand in 4 simple step

Climate change: Is it putting our horses at risk of disease?

How to conquer counter-canter

Discover #Hack1000Miles: Complete our awesome challenge in 1 year!


  • Bitting solutions
  • Managing strong horses, mouth conformation & more
  • Control for jumping
  • Perfect his canter and your accuracy

Tailored sweet itch treatment: Our guide to salves, sprays, supplements & rugs












In the April issue...

In this issue discover how to go for your goals and compete to win! In our guide we help you:

  • Beat first time nerves
  • Ride at the UK’s best Venues
  • Qualify for a championship!

PLUS! We've got two exciting new series we think you'll love - Hairy Hopefuls: Clever training strategies for every horse - whatever his size and shape, and Find it, Fix it, simple training solutions to common schooling problems.

In Better Riding

  • Hairy hopefuls! Trainer Alison Short shows you how to develop your horse’s self-carriage
  • Find it, fix it! Solve your outline problems
  • How to Ride your horse long and low
  • Boost his jumping technique with Andrew Hoy 
  • Spooking solutions with pro Leah Beckett

Horse care advice

Your Horse April issue magazine cover
  • Grooming for gold Tips for show-stopping turnout
  • Have a happier horse We reveal how with some easy changes you can make today
  • Vet Notes The mystery condition PSSM1 explained
  • Equine posture The good, the bad and how (plus why!) you can improve your horse’s posture

Gear Guide

  • First Look The new Alan Davies brush range
  • What’s new The latest gear
  • Put to the test Long yard boots
  • Buyer’s guide Competition jackets to suit your shape and your budget
  • On trend Saddle pads


  • Three complete spring outfits from Toggi and Champion up for grabs 
  • A Likit stable toy bundle, an Amigo turnout rug, first aid kit and more!


In the Spring issue...

Discover how you can save money but ride more with our guide to competing, training and buying great gear on a budget!

Your horse magazine spring issue cover

Improve your riding

  • Get expert ideas from trainer Sara Gallop on how to work your horse in walk - no trot or canter required! Perfect for days when bad weather puts paid to faster work
  • Engage your horse's brain using our simple pole work exercise
  • Read out foolproof guide to half-halts
  • Train and ride flying changes with our 30-minute expert workout

Care for your horse

  • We help you solve mounting problems - hop up in the saddle without a hitch using our expert's guide
  • Read up on expert nutrition for horses on box rest and those returning back to work
  • Get all the facts on equine herpes
  • Wee revel how your horse sees the world with six awesome facts about the equine eye

Buy great horse gear

  • We take a first look at a unique NEW haynet - designed to make your horse eat slower!
  • All the latest gear including great new socks, moody mare solutions, natural feeding products, feed for older horses and a genius boot pull you'll be desperate to buy!
  • We put waterproof jackets to the ultimate test
  • Check out six stunning winter hats
  • Soak up some advice on vital care for your riding hat and body protector


  • Claim a free neck warmer - all you need to do is pay the 90p postage!
  • WIN dressage training and Blue Chip goodies
  • WIN a day at Chatsworth for you and your friends


In the March Issue...

Your Horse magazine March 2017

In Better Riding

  • Wake up exercises for lazy horses: Spencer Wilton reveals his schooling solutions
  • Short of time? Fear not! Check out our fun 30-minute jumping workout
  • Hot horse training tips
  • Engage his core over poles with one simple exercise

In Horse Care

  • Improve your horse’s posture - we explain the benefits and tell you how!
  • The dos and don’ts of lameness management
  • Equine hoof separation disease
  • Grouchy to girth? Jason Webb's advice on tackling bad girthing behaviour
  • Six ways to prevent stiffness       

In gear Guide

  • Poll pressure explained - advice from the experts at Neue Schule
  • Our guide to stable toys
  • On trend bases layers
  • Turnout rugs put to the test


  • The big health survey: Your answers to our survey reveal what you need ot know about horse health
  • Blueprint for success: Experts reveal their secrets to breeding, training and finding the perfect horse


  • Win a day with Mary and Emily King plus a range of awesome product form Bucas!!

In the Winter issue…

Grab your copy of the Winter issue today - we've packed Your Horse with everything you need to survive the month ahead with your horse. Here's what you can enjoy...

Your Horse magazine winter 2016 cover

Riding advice

  •  Charlotte Dujardin reveals her training tips and expert advice
  • Maximise your hacks with Andrew’s Hoys 30-minute plan
  • Traffic training: Stay safe with our action plan
  • Develop your horse’ rhythm over poles
  • Ride rein back with ease

Horse Care advice

Win a pair of stunning boots from The Spanish Boot Company!

Win a pair of stunning boots from The Spanish Boot Company!

  • Load him up with ease – Intelligent Horsemanship trainer Garry Bosworth shows you how
  • Get tips to help you maintain your grazing all year round
  • Read vet advice on choke: the symptoms, prevention and treatment explained
  • We explore equine reiki
  • Fight the SAD! Discover six ways to keep you horse happy this winter

Gear reviews and advice

  • We reveal the 2016 Product of the Year, as voted by you
  • Magnetic therapy – put to the test!
  • Our guide to heated clothing
  • On trend exercise sheets


  • Highlights for the last year
  • Secrets to bonding success form pro riders
  • Guidance on setting your 2017 goals…and sticking to them!


A lesson with pro event rider Georgie Spence and boots from The Spanish Boots Company

In the December issue...

December Your Horse magazine cover

This month we've packed Your Horse with everything you need to survive the month ahead with your horse. here's what you can enjoy...


  • Mind over matter: Discover easy ways to beat your nerves
  • Feng shui your yard: The benefits of restoring calm

In Better Riding

  • Ride well anywhere: Schooling tips for riders without arenas
  • Expert advice to help you: avoid knockdowns, improve his paces and keep him supple
  • Check out our 30-minute lunge workout and download our handy audio guide so you can listen as you lunge.

In Horse care

  • Intelligent horsemanship: How to recognise when your boy needs some space
  • Heart health advice: How to check his heart beat, spot abnormalities and simple stethoscope tips
  • Colic prevention: Changes you should make to your horse’s diet, hydration, worming & turnout
  • Tendon care tips: Avoid common injuries, limit wear and tear

In Gear Guide

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In the November issue...

November issue

Get your free Winter Essentials guide packed with advice and products that will get you through the old months. Plus you'll get a free BHS road safety sticker*.

Also in this issue...

In the Better Riding section

  • Get top tips for stress-free, spook free hacking
  • Use our 30-minute expert work out to improve your horse’s balance
  • Discover a fun new way to train your horse with poles and music

In the Horse Care section

Winter essentials guide
  • Learn about the power of equine self selection
  • Understand how to protect your Horse form Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome (EGUS)
  • Try Jason Webb’s genius tip for calm and controlled leading
  • Six easy ways to prevent and treat mud fever

In the Gear Guide section

  • Read our buyer’s guide to mud fever products
  • See the best hoods and mane savers – as chosen by us
  • Soak up some double bridle advice
  • We reveal an exciting new feed from Dodson & Horrell

£5,000 towards a new horse! See what else is up for grabs in the 2016 Win a Horse competition and meet last year’s winner’s new horse.

+ Snap up tickets to Liverpool International

*BHS safety sticker available with print issues only.

Take a sneak peak inside the issue...

In the October Issue...

issue 418

With the October issue (on sale 21 September) you'll get your free copy of the 2016 Your Horse Feed Guide. Packed with advice from leading nutrition experts this guide covers everything from how to formulate a ration and feeding competition horses to supplements, fibre and more!

PLUS you can check out what's to come at Your Horse Live this November inside our show preview. We reveal what our demonstrators have planned and tell you where to head for competitions, offers and what you'll see where.

Also in this issue...

In Better Riding

  • How and why to jump a bounce
  • Building topline with advice from Charlie Hutton
  • Expert time-management tips to help you find more time to ride
  • NEW SERIES - Pole Patterns gives you fun new ways to train your horse using poles
  • Schooling solutions to tackle common jumping problems

In Horse Care

  • Equine tooth decay explained
  • How to help a horse who hates the hose with advcie from Jason Webb
  • Six easy ways to protect your horse's legs from injury
  • How to care for your horse's back

In Gear Guide

  • A buyer's guide to bitless bridles
  • Grey shampoos on test
  • Gilets on trend right now
  • Advice on clipping and trimming


In the September issue...

Your Horse issue 417

In this issue of Your Horse check out our 2016 RUG GUIDE where you'll discover the latest rugs, fitting advice and more!

There's also all of this!

WIN! 5,000 towards a new horse

Improve your leg aids
Spencer Wilton tells you how

Effective pole workouts from show jumper Jay halim
Suppleness, balance & rhythm guaranteed!

Compete with confidence: Top tips from Sophie Wells

Lift his forehand in just 30 minutes

How to handle bolshy horses

EQUINE INSURANCE: Loss of use, rising costs & limited cover explained

6 stunning wax jackets from £40

GRASS SICKNESS: Is your horse at risk?

LAMENESS: Causes, treatments & how to spot it fast

WORMING: When to worm, resistance and Worm Egg Counts explained

Take a sneak peak inside this issue...

In the August Issue...

Get a handy grooming comb with your issue (available in participating stores Tesco, Asda, Morrisons, WHSmith and Sainsbury’s).

Also in this month's issue of Your Horse magazine you can enjoy Part 1 of our exciting 2016 Training Academy, brought to you in assocation with Albion Saddlemakers. In Part 1 international dressage star Laura Tomlinson gives you some simple schooling exercises to help you improve your contact and your horse's way of going.

In the Gear Guide we deliver an in-depth guide to lungeing aids, put riding gloves to the test and show you the latest in innovative stirrups.

In Better Riding Richard Davison shos you how to ride shoulder-in, endurance pro Beccy Broughton-Booker reveals how to make hacking a training essential, Nick gauntle helps you improve your horse's rhyth for jumping and the experts at HEROS horse Charity explain top trianing tips for ex-racers.

In Horse Care Jason Webb shows you how to handle headshy horses with care, our vet expert explains desmitis and how to spot and treat it, we look into equin conformation and tell you six simple ways to create energy without fizz.

Be sure to pick up your copy to discover how you could win:

  • Membership to for one whole year plust one-to-one training with Jason Webb
  • Blue Chip balancers and your very own photo shoot
  • You can also find out about our 2016 Win a Horse competition - coming soon!
Your Horse August issue

Take a sneak peak below

In the July Issue...

Your Horse 415

In Better Riding

  • Check out our 30-minute warm up from eventer Jock Paget
  • Follow show jumper Willliam Whitaker's easy exercises to help keep a stressy horse calm
  • Discover how to ride a turn on the forehand with advice from Dan Sherriff
  • Get tips to improve your horse's trot from trainer Sara Gallop
  • Find out how your body really affects the way your ride

In Horse Care

  • Read our expert's in-depth guide to bitting
  • We reveal six easy ways you can keep your horse hydrated
  • Understand equine weight and discover easy weight loss tips to keep you horse healthy
  • Get the latest on headshaking
  • Learn about the latest in foot care and farriery

In Gear Guide

  • We reveal which fly rugs protected our horses the best in our latest test
  • Read our guide to leath care products - we tell you which ones will save you time and money
  • Check out the coolest ventilated hats around