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You may ask yourself why you should choose SEIB? There are in fact lots of reasons but here are just a few.  SEIB have been in business for over 50 years and were the innovators that introduced horse and pony insurance, horsebox and even property insurance that truly reflects the needs of the equestrian community.   The rest of the market have followed and many of the introductions that SEIB made have now become the industry standard.    SEIB continue to innovate, as horse owners and riders they know what insurance people with horses require, to remain protected and keep their horses healthy.

What does SEIB offer?  

The team at SEIB knows the importance of high-vis - they even have their own SEIB branded gear!

The team at SEIB knows the importance of high-vis - they even have their own SEIB branded gear!

This is a simple question to answer, SEIB cover everything equestrian.   They know all about insuring the competition and pleasure horse, horsebox, trailer, equestrian liability, business, home with stables and all the equipment involved with keeping horses.  SEIB are not specialist insurers in bloodstock but can provide cover and give advice.   

Claiming made easy

Not only can SEIB help you choose the best policy for your circumstances they promise to be there to help if you need to make a claim.  Claiming can be so stressful particularly when your precious horse or pony is sick, injured or worse dying.  The SEIB team will be there to help with a sympathetic ear and can probably provide some much needed experience and advice.   

Horsebox & trailer cover

Horsebox and horse trailer insurance can include breakdown cover and the motor car would be covered even when not towing the trailer.    There are lots of discounts available depending on value, size and where it is kept.  It's always worth giving us a call as we will be able to talk you through the options.   There is even £1,000 built in for personal belongings should a horsebox be a total loss due to fire or theft.

Yard and business insurance

A home with stables has all sorts of extras that a standard home and contents policy would probably not cover.  For example, buildings of non-standard construction – stables, hay, feed, machinery, horse bedding, tack and saddlery.   All these items are expensive to replace should a loss occur.  SEIB can help.

Any equestrian business needs specialist insurance and SEIB have cover available for riding schools, livery yards, farriers, cyber, equestrian specialists plus retailers and manufacturers. 

What's the cost of insurance?

The cost of horse and pony insurance is usually governed by the cost of veterinary fee claims.  By calling SEIB for a quote we can talk you through the options and there will probably be ways to save money by not over-insuring or choosing to pay a larger excess.

Who is SEIB?

SEIB understand horse riders and owners because that is what we are!  We promise to review your insurance and help you to make the right choice.   We have a range of insurers to provide cover and offer a complete range of insurance products.   Ask our Brand Ambassadors Bert Sheffield and three of our own team, Alice Taylor, Beth Barrett and Suz Hawkins who will all be out and about hacking and competing this summer and would love to talk to you about how SEIB can help.

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