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All of us at Your Horse HQ LOVE to hack - that’s why we tasked the nation to Hack 1000 Miles in a year. It’s not just good fun, hacking is packed with benefits for you and your horse too.

With thousands of you now on board, our challenge is back for a third, even bigger and better year. This is how it works:

  1. Sign up. You can do that here. If you opt in for contact from us, you’ll receive our newsletters, exclusive offers and sponsor competitions


  2. Join the Facebook group — Hack 1000 Miles. We’re regularly told it’s the “friendliest, most motivating and inspiring group” on social


  3. Get your official progress card for 2019 so that you can record your miles. It’s free with issue 451 (May) of Your Horse magazine. Find on the newsstand or online here.

  4. Pledge to Hack 1000 Miles this year. You’ll find your pledge card on the back of the progress card. Fill it in, snap a selfie with it and share it with

    us and fellow Hackers on social media.

  5. Share your hacking stories, images, videos — everything — with us and your fellow #Hack1000Miles challengers in the Facebook group. We love to see your adventures!

  6. You’ll also find Your Horse mag on Instagram (@yourhorsemagazine) and Twitter (@YourHorse). Wherever you’re posting, always use the hashtag #Hack1000Miles — you might feature in the mag!

  7. Show off your challenge with one of our awesome branded t-shirts and hoodies. There’s also badges and rosettes to mark your fabulous journey. Visit our shop here.

  8. Subscribe to the official #Hack1000Miles magazine — Your Horse. We feature hacking and as many challengers as possible in every issue, including columns from your fellow riders. Check out the latest ££££-saving deal here.

  9. Get out hacking — and remember, the goal is to HAVE FUN!

the golden rule…

Remember, #Hack1000Miles is all about YOU! That’s what makes it so great. It’s your challenge; your own personal journey with your horse(s) and you can rope in family and friends too. Every mile you take is another mile closer to being a happier, healthier, more confident you. We promise you’ll notice the difference. So what are you waiting for? Let’s go hacking!