How it works

1) You Hack

You can choose to record all your hacks you wouldn't otherwise have done – whatever suits you, your time and ambition. 

2) You Track

There are lots of easy ways to record your miles - use a good old fashioned map and some brain power, input your route using a map pedometer or download an app like Horse Rider SOS or OS Mapfinder that will do the hard work for you (apart from the actual hacking of course!). All of these will help you to track your miles and keep a record. You don’t need to submit your miles anywhere, just keep them safe so that you can see how many miles you’ve done, and how many you’ve got to go.

3) You Talk

Use the #Hack1000Miles hashtag to share ideas, help, make friends and post photos of your walks.

4) You Celebrate

We’d love to hear from you and we’ll regularly publish updates on riders who’ve signed up, hit milestones and on those who’ve completed in Your Horse magazine and on the #Hack1000Miles website.  

5) You Feel Great!


Enjoy more time for you and your horse exploring the British countryside; feel a greater sense of self-esteem through hacking more regularly; become part of a greater community of horse enthusiasts taking part in the same challenge; get that sense of achievement by ticking-off milestones!

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