Protechmasta rug

Masta Protechmasta rug

This high-tech rug from Masta enhances the natural Far Infra-Red waves (FIR waves) in the body to help your horse feel more relaxed and energised.

There are hundreds of threads in the rug combined with ceramic powders that generate the FIR waves. The waves are absorbed by water molecules in the body which then start to vibrate, creating a gentle heating effect.

This increases the core and muscle temperature, enhancing circulation which can help to ease tired, tense or stiff muscles. 

The Protechmasta rug can be worn on its own and is great choice for travelling your horse in. It'is made of an air mesh fabric that's lightweight and absorbent to help wick moisture away to the top of the rug. 

Price £135*

*price correct at time of publishing