Premier Equine Titan 200 Turnout horse rug review

The Premier Equine Titan 200 Turnout rug 

Reviewed by Your Horse reader Kate Colbeck

RRP £169.99

Dillon looking cosy in his Premier Equine turnout rug 

Dillon looking cosy in his Premier Equine turnout rug 

My horse Dillon is a typical Houdini when it comes to rugs, until I invested in the Premier Equine Titan 200. 

The chest fastenings are strong and durable, with a comfort layer so that it doesn’t cause pressure or rub, should the rug move a little after a good roll.

Being a highly playful character, comfort and freedom of movement are highly important factors for Dillon, but this product offers a good overall fit around the body, with well-positioned cuts for leg movement. 

The neck cover is cut longer to cover the withers and fit well around the rug.  

With the ability to add different under rugs of various weights, it suits all weather conditions throughout the winter. 

The RRP of this product does put it at the upper end of the price scale, but this is a long-term purchase and considering that Dillon is usually a destroyer of all rugs, he's yet to rip, tear or escape from it! 

Minimal investment in professional cleaning and reproofing means that it is on its fourth winter, which is an achievement in itself!