Get to grips with rug jargon


Confused by some of the terminology used in rug descriptions? Our handy glossary will clear up any confusion.


This is the fabric’s ability to contain rips and tears. It doesn’t mean your rug won’t rip, but the woven thread pattern runs in two directions, which helps to prevent a rip from spreading once it starts.

Ballistic nylon

Similar to ripstop, ballistic nylon fabric is very strong, durable and more resistant to tearing.


This tells you how durable the rug is likely to be. The higher the denier, the tougher and heavier the fabric. For example, 1200 denier and above is very strong; 600 denier is an everyday strength.


This refers to the outer material’s ability to stop water passing through the rug and onto your horse. The outer fabric is treated to be waterproof and this will diminish with use, but with correct cleaning and re-proofing your rug will retain its waterproof properties.


This is the rug’s ability to allow sweat and moisture to wick away, passing through the fabric to the outside to keep your horse dry and comfortable.

Taped seams

When two pieces of material are sewn together, the needle leaves holes in the fabric that allow water to seep in. Taping seams is when a waterproof tape is applied and sealed to ensure the seam is watertight.


This is usually referred to in grams. The higher the gram of fill, the warmer the rug will be.

Standard neck

The rug stops at your horse’s withers, leaving his neck uncovered.

High neck

The rug extends just beyond the withers, but doesn’t cover his entire neck.

Combo rug

The style has an integral neck cover that can’t be removed.

Know your weights

Turnout and stable rugs are available in different weights, depending on the amount of filling they have. Deciding which your horse needs depends on a number of factors, including whether he’s clipped, his body condition and his age.

Turnout rugs

Lightweight – these have no fill
Medium-lite – around 100g of fill
Mediumweight – 150-220g
Heavyweight – 300-400g

Stable rugs

Lightweight – up to 150g filling
Mediumweight – 150-300g filling
Heavyweight – over 300g

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