Thermatex SHR multi purpose rug

Thermatex multi purpose rug

Used by: YH associate editor Ally Lowther

Used for: 7 years

Such a smart looking rug and definitely one to save for best. It fits beautifully, but sizing is generous, so I'd suggest  going down a size to get the best possible fit. Both of my horses have one of these coolers which I tend to use more during the cooler months as they're heavier than other coolers. The three layer fabric moulds to your horse’s shape and moisture is effectively wicked away from your horse to the top of the rug.

This rug is available in lots of different colours with a choice of bindings too. It’s heavier than other coolers, but it’s ideal for cooler days. There is one drawback and I’d recommend not leaving your horse wearing this rug in his stable – everything sticks to it! It maybe expensive, but this rug does a great job and will last for years.

Both rugs have been regularly washed and although the older one of the two (I've had this one for approximately 7 years) is still in good condition, the outer material is a little bobbly I'm sure there's a few more years left in them yet.

Price £153 *

* price correct at time of publishing