WeatherBeeta Airflow Combo

What the maufacturer says:
Made from a durable, lightweight polyester mesh to protect your horse from insects, this rug will also keep him cool on warmer days.

It has an elastic panel at the base of the combo neck for comfort, a full wrap tail flap, removable belly flap and side gussets.

WeatherBeeta Airflow Combo

What our tester says:
This rug has a good, deep fit and stays in place well. The fastenings have lots of adjustment and the belly bib is a good size and a secure fit, though you can detach it if you need to. The neck cover’s a good length and the elastic panel over the withers ensures it doesn’t pull as the horse is grazing.  It covers all the key areas really well, with extra lining at the mane and shoulder area
to stop any rubbing. The generous tail flap provides additional protection.

The mesh is very soft and has a silky finish, but doesn’t move at all. The material’s bright and reflective, helping to keep the horse cool on warmer days. All our test horses were content wearing it and not bothered by flies.

Price: £67.99*
Colours: Smoke/lavender, silver/navy/white
Sizes: 4ft to 7ft 3in

*Price at time of publishing