Protechmasta rug

Masta Protechmasta rug

This high-tech rug from Masta enhances the natural Far Infra-Red waves (FIR waves) in the body to help your horse feel more relaxed and energised.

There are hundreds of threads in the rug combined with ceramic powders that generate the FIR waves. The waves are absorbed by water molecules in the body which then start to vibrate, creating a gentle heating effect.

This increases the core and muscle temperature, enhancing circulation which can help to ease tired, tense or stiff muscles. 

The Protechmasta rug can be worn on its own and is great choice for travelling your horse in. It'is made of an air mesh fabric that's lightweight and absorbent to help wick moisture away to the top of the rug. 

Price £135*

*price correct at time of publishing

Felix Bühler Fly Free Fly Mask

Protect your horse's face and eyes from flies and sun with the Felix Bühler fly mask

Protect your horse's face and eyes from flies and sun with the Felix Bühler fly mask

This innovative fly mask has an integrated plastic ring to ensure there’s space between your horse's eyes and the netting so it doesn’t irritate him. The nose extension is attached with Velcro for easy removal and a fleece surround at the edges and seams keeps your horse comfortable. Also, the ear covers are made from an elastic material which protects the sensitive tips of his ears.

Price £31.90*

Felix Bühler Zip fly rug

A fly rug can help to protect your horse from annoying flies over the summer months.

The Felix Bühler Zip Fly Rug with Belly Flap offers excellent protection against insects.

Felix Buhler zip fly rug

This rug has a zip fastening on the neck cover and belly flap to give a closer fit, stopping even the smallest insects away. 

The belly flap can be adjusted in length using different zips to enable it to fit your horse whatever his shape. The light colour will help stop your horse from over-heating by reflecting the sunlight, it also offers UPF50+ to protect his coat.

Price £64.90*

*price correct at time of publishing

Back on Track Mesh rug now available in blue

The best-selling therapy rug from Back on Track is available, for a limited time, in royal blue. 

This lightweight, breathable rug is lined throughout with Welltex fabric.

Back on Track Mesh rug in royal blue

The clever Welltex material benefits your horse's circulation and can help to relieve joint tension, maximise his performance and help avoid injury. 

Using the Back on Track Mesh rug before exercise can help to warm up your horse's muscles. It can also be used after work to aid recovery. 

This rug can be used on its own during warmer weather, or under your horse's stable rug when the weather is cooler. 

Price £194*

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Rambo Supreme with Vari Layer

Rambo Vari Layer

Reviewed by event rider, Julia Dungworth

Used for five months

This is the daddy of all the rugs, and I can’t recommend it highly enough. It fits beautifully and never moves an inch. It’s also a good depth offering protection to the tummy area from the elements. My horse stayed dry through the heaviest rain and the varying amount of filling (250g over the back and 100g down the sides) in the rug made it easy to handle, but the horse remained at a comfortable temperature. The 1000 denier ballistic nylon feels tough and has stood up really well to constant use over the winter months.

It’s very simple to use buckle wise, the neck cover is a good length and depth. Also, the plastic covered fillet string is a great idea – much easier to keep clean! The colour combination of black with silver binding make the rug look really smart.

Think of this rug as an investment – you won’t be disappointed.

Price £199 *

* price correct at time of publishing

Be connected rug sensor

Using a new app and innovative sensor you can now become more connected to your horse thanks to the team at Fouganza

Finding simple, easy solutions that make riders’ lives easier is what drives the team at Fouganza and their latest innovation, the BE CONNECTED app and thermal sensor, doesn’t disappoint. Designed to let you know if your horse is too hot, too cold or just right under his rug, BE CONNECTED helps you rug up or down accordingly.

How it works

Using the BE CONNECTED sensor and app you can monitor your horse’s temperature under rugs

Using the BE CONNECTED sensor and app you can monitor your horse’s temperature under rugs

Secured next to your horse’s skin in a special shoulder bib pocket, the BE CONNECTED sensor links to a free mobile phone app via Bluetooth, collecting data when you’re near the sensor (up to 30m without interference). Data collected, it sends an alert to your smartphone when the temperature exceeds the hot and cold thresholds you've set. So, in just one click, you can collect and analyse his temperature so that you can choose the most suitable rug for him. The app collects and stores these measurements as often as you choose - every 15 minutes, every hour… and all the info you need is displayed directly on your mobile phone screen.

Tailored technology

Among others, the outside humidity and thickness of your horse’s hairs are two important factors for determining his comfort zone. So, in order to provide reliable information, the BE CONNECTED app takes into account your horse’s hair type (clipped, summer coat or winter coat) and, based on this, it can readjust accordingly.

How to measure your horse’s comfort

Once you have your BE CONNECTED simply download the app for free on your smartphone. You can then create your horse’s profile in just a few clicks, set up how often you want to collect data and follow the evolution of the temperature and moisture of the skin of your

It’s easy to use!

Simply turn on the sensor, insert it into the specially designed pocket on the shoulder bib.
Download the "Fouganza Be Connected" mobile app from the Apple Store or Google Play Store. Pop the rug on your horse, activate Bluetooth on your smartphone and follow the instructions on the app.

Get yours today!

Available on the App store in a range of sizes for ponies and horses BE CONNECTED is compatible with iOS and Android devices using iOS 8 or Android 4.3 and later versions with BLE technology (Bluetooth Low Energy). To find out more visit











Thermatex SHR multi purpose rug

Thermatex multi purpose rug

Used by: YH associate editor Ally Lowther

Used for: 7 years

Such a smart looking rug and definitely one to save for best. It fits beautifully, but sizing is generous, so I'd suggest  going down a size to get the best possible fit. Both of my horses have one of these coolers which I tend to use more during the cooler months as they're heavier than other coolers. The three layer fabric moulds to your horse’s shape and moisture is effectively wicked away from your horse to the top of the rug.

This rug is available in lots of different colours with a choice of bindings too. It’s heavier than other coolers, but it’s ideal for cooler days. There is one drawback and I’d recommend not leaving your horse wearing this rug in his stable – everything sticks to it! It maybe expensive, but this rug does a great job and will last for years.

Both rugs have been regularly washed and although the older one of the two (I've had this one for approximately 7 years) is still in good condition, the outer material is a little bobbly I'm sure there's a few more years left in them yet.

Price £153 *

* price correct at time of publishing

Bucas Competition cooler

Bucas Competition Cooler rug

Tested by: YH associate editor Ally Lowther

Used for: 2 years

This is a great fitting, lightweight cooler perfect for use over the summer months. The concealed surcingle gives this rug a smart appearance and still held it securely in place. I've used it a lot as a travel rug, but also on cooler days when my horse has been washed down after riding to help her dry off.

The Stay-dry fabric on the upper part of this rug dried a washed down horse quickly. Like the combination of the cooler fabric on the top of this rug, just where you need it and a fly mesh on the lower part allow air to circulate, which also helps to cool your horse.

This rug has been washed numerous times and is still in great condition, it dries quickly too.

Price £69 *

Tempest 200 stable combo

Shires Tempest 200 stable combo

The medium weight Tempest 200 Stable Combo rug has a 200g quilted polyfill to keep the cold out. It also has a 210 denier breathable polyester outer to help your horse stay comfortable if the temperature varies a little. 

The combo style means your horse is protected from the cold from his ears to tail. 

£59.99 *

* Price correct at time of publishing

Thermo Master stable rug with fleece lining

Thermo Master stable rug with fleece lining

A super cosy stable rug, with a soft fleece lining. It has double front closures and cross surcingles, as well as darting over the hindquarters to ensure the best possible fit. Shoulder gussets allow your horse to move freely and lower the risk of it rubbing. 

There's a choice of colours available including black, mulberry, chocolate, jade and magenta.

Price £39.90 *

WeatherBeeta ComFiTec medium Lite

WeatherBeeta ComFiTec Medium Lite stable rug


A standard neck rug with a cosy 220g of filling and a tough 210 denier outer fabric. This stable rug has a nylon lining to reduce the risk of the rug rubbing and to make your horse's coat shine. It's available in a smart navy/red/white colour, in sizes 4ft to 7ft 3in.

Price £39.99 *

Mark Todd lightweight stable rug

Mark Todd lightweight stable rug

This smart looking quilted, lightweight stable rug has a tough 201 denier outer and 150g of insulation to keep out the chill. It has a nylon anti-rub lining and adjustable cross surcingles to hold the rug securely in place. You can chose from navy or black and it's available in sizes 5ft 6in to 7ft.

Price £56.99 *



* Price correct at time of publishing

Bucas Select Turnin

Bucas Select Turnin

This lightweight stable rug has a 60 denier outer and just 50g of filling - perfect for the spring and autumn. You also have the option of adding Bucas Select Quilts to add extra warmth through the colder months. You can also add the Select Combi Neck to give your horse ear to tail warmth.

Shoulder darts ensures the best possible fit and comfort for your horse. The single front strap has a hook and loop over-closure for a neat appearance. The Bucas Select Turnin comes in a smart navy with navy/silver trim and is available in sizes 5ft to 7ft.

Price £74 * 

* Price correct at time of publishing

Four of the best exercise sheets

An exercise rug will help you cope with whatever the great British weather throws at you. Here’s four of the best practical sheets that will keep you horse dry, warm and visible

Amigo three-in-one sheet

Amigo 3 in 1 competition sheet

The design of this rug allows you to adapt to the weather as quickly as it changes. The sheet has quick release fastenings so you can detach the fleece lining from the waterproof outer to give you a lightweight competition sheet for warm days, or a warm and cosy fleece lined version for colder days.

Price £78 *

Back on Track fleece exercise sheet

BACK ON TRACK fleece exercise sheet

The Back on Track Fleece Exercise Sheet, like all their products uses Welltex fabric. This clever material radiates heat back into your horse’s body and helps increase blood circulation, which can relieve joint tension, improve performance and help avoid injury. The muscle warming effect of this sheet makes it a great choice to use as a warm up rug before exercise.

Price £132.50 * 

Thermatex Quarter sheet

Thermatex Quarter rug

This smart looking quarter rug is made from a high performance quilted wicking fabric to keep your horse warm and moisture free. Each rug is individually hand cut for the perfect fit, plus it’s lightweight attaches easily to your saddle.

Price £59.56 *

Combi Brite.JPG

Combi Brite mesh quarter sheet

This mesh sheet combines two high-vis colours so as the trees, hedgerows, and crops change colour you’ll stay visible all–year round. It attaches to your saddle quickly and easily and won’t slip back, and a tailpiece provides additional visibility. The mesh material may not be waterproof, but it will ensure your horse doesn’t get too hot, it simply designed to make you stand out when you’re hacking.

Price £25.99 *

* Prices correct at time of publishing