Tri-Zone All Sports boots

Tri-Zone All Sports front boots

Reviewed by: Your Horse Associate editor, Allison Lowther.

Used for: Four months

These boots truly are lightweight, your horse won't know he's wearing them. 

They fit really well and are shaped to wrap around your horse’s legs. The design at the front allows your horse to move freely. 

The fastenings were a little fiddly to do up, but once adjusted they held the boots securely in place. 

These boots offer all-round protection and the soft lining adds to the comfort. My horse’s legs remained cool and not sweaty even after fast work.

They are so easy to clean and dry really quickly too. 

If you're on the look-out for a quality pair of boots that are suitable for all disciplines, these boots fit the bill perfectly. 


These boots are available in black or white, in sizes S to XL

Price £39.95 a pair *

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*price correct at time of publishing