A review of the Mark Todd travel boots

Mark Todd front.JPG

These boots were tested for three months on a number of different horses.

The front and hind boots both fitted really well - in fact, they’re an excellent fit.

The front boots are long enough to cover from the knee down to just below the coronary band.

They are also wide enough that they will still fit well if your horse has lots of bone and offer all-round protection.

The hind boots are shaped to fit neatly and comfortably over your horse’s hocks - another vulnerable area that can need protection when your horse is travelling.

The back boots are a good length and width, covering the coronet band.

The boots are lightweight with a good amount of padding for additional protection but without being too bulky and rigid.

All the horses that wore the boots for our testing could move freely in the boots for loading and unloading.

Mark Todd hind.JPG

Both the front and back boots have three wide Velcro straps, which makes them quick to fasten and holds the boots securely in place without you having to over-tighten them.

The tough corder nylon outer fabric is showing not signs of wear, just a few small marks on the scuff plates.

For under £70 these boots also come with a free tail guard. These boots come highly recommended.

Colours Navy, navy plaid, black, burgundy

RRP from £65.99*

For stockist www.marktoddcollection.co.uk 

*price correct at time of publishing

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