Cryochap therapy boot

These new boots provide cold therapy and compression to protect your horse's legs from injury and can also help the healing process if he does hurt himself.

These clever boots mimic an ice bath or cold water immersion. They work to constrict blood vessel, flush away waste products and reduce swelling.

CRYOCHAPS are easy to put on your horse and cover all the major tendons and ligaments in his lower leg. 

They're made in two parts, the ice gel inner that cools your horse's leg and the neoprene outer section that provides compression.

The smooth material is part of the ice gel boot. When applied to your hors's leg it won't stick and is simple to keep clean. 

Once he's wearing the boots, the gel quickly cools his legs and maintains a low temperature. the outer part of the boot is stretch neoprene, which provides a secure fit and gives compassion to help with recovery. 

Price £85.50 per pair*

*price correct at time of publishing