ARMA Cross Country Boots

A good set of boots will offer your horse protection in all the right places. The new ARMA Cross Country Boots from Shires Equestrian look great and are designed designed to offer 360 protection.

These stylish, contoured boots are lightweight, durable and flexible to allow your horse to move freely. 

They are available for front and hind legs and will protect joints and tendons from knocks whilst your horse is going cross country.

Tendon shields on the front boots protect both the digital flexor tendons and suspensory ligaments from over extension of the hind legs. There's also padding at the front of the boots to protect the legs from bruising.

On the hind boots tendon shields protect the cannon bones and common digital extensor tendons from hard knocks and if your horse hits a fence.

The boots also have ARMORTEX abrasion resistant strike pads and a breathable cooling system to keep your horse comfortable.

Colour: Black

Size: Cob, full, extra full

Price £43.50* (front boots), £41.99 (hind boots)*

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*prices correct at time of publishing