KM Elite Products Pro Mesh Boot Collection

KM Elite Pro Mesh boots

This brand-new range of boots for your horse has something for every discipline - an Event boot, a Tendon boot and the all-round, low profile Hybrid which can be used for most disciplines, including dressage and racing and also as a work boot.

The innovative Pro Mesh boots are extremely breathable and have an integrated layer that offers superior airflow to cool your horse’s leg, but stops sand and dirt passing through the outer layer. They provide excellent impact and abrasion protection and are designed to stretch slightly to allow movement in the joints, offering outstanding comfort.

The Pro Mesh shell and comfort lining don’t absorb water and the hexagonal holes reduce the weight of the boot –the medium Hybrid only weighs approximately 130g per boot. No adhesives are used during production, increasing strength and durability without compromising on protection and comfort.

These boots offer a glove-like fit due to the naturally hypoallergenic polyolefin closed cell foam which is perforated to increase air flow. This material resists mould and bacterial growth and is perfect for horses with sensitive skin.

The anatomically shaped, lightweight Pebax strike guard offers exceptional protection. The strike guard is rigid where needed but flexible enough to conform to your horse’s legs and won't shatter on impact. Holes in the strike guard allow heat to escape.

Price from £48.99 and come in a range of sizes and colours.

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Cryochap therapy boot

These new boots provide cold therapy and compression to protect your horse's legs from injury and can also help the healing process if he does hurt himself.

These clever boots mimic an ice bath or cold water immersion. They work to constrict blood vessel, flush away waste products and reduce swelling.

CRYOCHAPS are easy to put on your horse and cover all the major tendons and ligaments in his lower leg. 

They're made in two parts, the ice gel inner that cools your horse's leg and the neoprene outer section that provides compression.

The smooth material is part of the ice gel boot. When applied to your hors's leg it won't stick and is simple to keep clean. 

Once he's wearing the boots, the gel quickly cools his legs and maintains a low temperature. the outer part of the boot is stretch neoprene, which provides a secure fit and gives compassion to help with recovery. 

Price £85.50 per pair*

*price correct at time of publishing

Tri-Zone Brushing boots

YH test winner logo

Winner of the Your Horse magazine brushing boot Big Test that appeared in June 2017

Reviewed by Your Horse associate editor Allison Lowther

Tri-Zone brushing boots

Used for four months

A smart set of boots that are quick to fit and flexible enough that they wrap around the legs well.

They're lightweight and soft, but with a good-sized padded strike pad area that covers all the vulnerable areas of your horse's lower legs. 

The hook and loop straps are quick to fasten and secure, plus they wash well and dry quickly. 

These are a great everyday boot for under £20, what's not to like?

Price £19.95 per pair*

*price correct at time of publishing

Rambo Reflective Night Rider boots

Rambo Reflective Night Rider boots

Reviewed by: Event rider Julia Dungworth

Used for four months

These simple and practical boots are so easy to put on and they mould to the legs surprisingly well. The single wrap fastening holds the boots in place really well. 

These boots have a good sized strike pad and offers a good level of protection for all activities such as hacking, schooling and show jumping. 

The bit added benefit of these boots is they're reflective and when out hacking appear to catch the drives eye. I noticed drivers slowing down sooner when my horse was wearing these boots. 

They wash really well and show no signs of wear after four months' use.

A very good price for boots that offer good proaction, high-vis and are easy to use. 

Price £24.95 per pair*

*price correct at time of publishing



ARMA Cross Country Boots

A good set of boots will offer your horse protection in all the right places. The new ARMA Cross Country Boots from Shires Equestrian look great and are designed designed to offer 360 protection.

These stylish, contoured boots are lightweight, durable and flexible to allow your horse to move freely. 

They are available for front and hind legs and will protect joints and tendons from knocks whilst your horse is going cross country.

Tendon shields on the front boots protect both the digital flexor tendons and suspensory ligaments from over extension of the hind legs. There's also padding at the front of the boots to protect the legs from bruising.

On the hind boots tendon shields protect the cannon bones and common digital extensor tendons from hard knocks and if your horse hits a fence.

The boots also have ARMORTEX abrasion resistant strike pads and a breathable cooling system to keep your horse comfortable.

Colour: Black

Size: Cob, full, extra full

Price £43.50* (front boots), £41.99 (hind boots)*

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*prices correct at time of publishing

Tri-Zone All Sports boots

Tri-Zone All Sports front boots

Reviewed by: Your Horse Associate editor, Allison Lowther.

Used for: Four months

These boots truly are lightweight, your horse won't know he's wearing them. 

They fit really well and are shaped to wrap around your horse’s legs. The design at the front allows your horse to move freely. 

The fastenings were a little fiddly to do up, but once adjusted they held the boots securely in place. 

These boots offer all-round protection and the soft lining adds to the comfort. My horse’s legs remained cool and not sweaty even after fast work.

They are so easy to clean and dry really quickly too. 

If you're on the look-out for a quality pair of boots that are suitable for all disciplines, these boots fit the bill perfectly. 


These boots are available in black or white, in sizes S to XL

Price £39.95 a pair *

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*price correct at time of publishing


ice vibe boots

Ice-Vibe boots are rechargeable vibrating boots that boost circulation in horse’s legs. Specifically designed to achieve better results to using just ice.

Ice on its own reduces blood flow and numbs the nerves in the area, and is in danger of making legs too cold, causing the lymph system to slow down and reduce blood flow so severely that further damage is caused and healing is compromised. Ice-Vibe does the exact opposite.

They combine the effects of cooling and massage therapy to effectively treat strains, ligament and tendon damage. The boots can be used with and without cold packs to reduce swelling and stimulate blood flow.

Cooling slows down blood flow to prevent swelling, while the massage effect encourages lymph to move, draining inflammation and stimulating repair to damaged tissue. The vibration mimics the effect of a horse walking quietly in the field, making them perfect for horses on box rest.

Using the boots before exercise can help reduce the risk of injury as increasing blood flow to the tendons and ligaments makes them more elastic. Everyday wear and tear on joints can be managed with daily use of the boots, and rehabilitation through injury can be achieved more quickly. 

william fox pitt supports ice vibe

Testimonial from top eventer William Fox Pitt:

"The Ice Vibe boots are an excellent cold therapy system. We use the boots on the horses after strenuous exercise and find them to be very effective and easy to use. The newly developed longer boots are ideal for hind legs and the horses appear to be very comfortable wearing them. In my opinion they are the most effective and user friendly way of cooling."


Testimonial from top western rider Clint Allen:

"Ice-Vibe therapy has been great for our horses. Tendon care and maintenance is always a top priority for us because of the stress cutting can have on our horse’s legs. We run the Ice-Vibe several days a week on all of our horses in training. It not only helps to alleviate soreness, but also helps to prevent injuries by increasing circulation. It’s a great product that is easy to pack up and take on the road to shows. The horses enjoy it and I can rest easy knowing their legs are being taken care of."

ice vibe boots

Ice-Vibe boots break with the conventional treatments for tendon repair, offering a real healing solution for horses with leg problems rather than the use of an invasive or painful treatment. Traditional tendon treatments, such as blistering and pin-firing are increasingly recognised as cruel, while other treatments such as stem cell and PRP treatment are very expensive. Ice-Vibe provides a non-invasive, effective rehabilitation method that encourages the horse’s own healing.

Easy to use and affordable, Ice-Vibe is a product that every rider at every level and in every discipline should have in their kit: it’s a product that can fundamentally improve and prolong the lives and careers of horses.

The Ice-Vibe boots are available in hock, knee and tendon fit.

RRP £194.95- £204.95

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Three of the best overreach boots

A pair of overreach boots are designed to protect your horse from injuring himself. Overreaching is when the toe of the hind hoof strikes the back of the front foot. It can cause severe bruising, abrasions and sometimes nasty cuts into the delicate heel area.

Overreach boots wrap around your horse’s pasterns, covering and protecting his heels. Many boots use modern materials that provide the best possible protection.

There’s lots of choice when it comes to picking a pair of these protective boots, so we’ve picked our favourite three to make your decision a little easier.

Tri-Zone Overreach Boots

Trizone overreach boots

These boots have been developed to be extremely hard-wearing boot that offers safe protection from over reach injuries. The carefully designed shape of this innovative boot minimises the risk of your horse treading on the boot and tripping. They have a super tough strike guard to protect the heel area and an anti-spin button to help hold them in place.

Price £27.95 *

Woof Wear Smart sheepskin overreach boots

Woof Wear Smart overreach boots

Designed to provide exceptional protection to the delicate heel and pastern area, these boots have a Poron Xrd foam in the key strike area which on impact stiffens to give added protection. An anti-spin device ensures a secure fit whilst the super soft sheepskin collar makes the boot comfortable to wear as well as additional protection to the pastern area.

Price £40 *

Veredus Piaffe Shield

Veredus Piaffe Shield boots

A unique looking overreach boot designed to provide total protection to your horse’s heels. These close-fitting boots are anatomically shaped to stay securely in place and have two protective bulbs covering the vulnerable bulbs of the heels. Quick release, double fastenings ensure the boots don’t move at all.

Price £132*

Memory foam tendon and fetlock boots

Elico boots

If you're on the hunt for a great looking set of tendon and fetlock boots that mould to the shape of your horse's legs look no further than the Elico Memory Foam tendon and fetlock boots. 

The soft lining conforms to the shape of your horse's legs so he stays comfortable and you get the best possible fit too. 

Both pairs of boots have a toughened outer shell to provide protection from knocks and bumps. 

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IceVibe boots from horseware

Tested by: Your Horse Gear Guide Editor, Allison Lowther

These boots cleverly deliver cool therapy and massage which you can use together or individually.

I’ve used these mainly as part of my daily routine as a massage boot which I used before work to try and maintain my horse’s legs. They're great way to start the warming up process before I get on and hopefully avoid injuries.

If the ground is hard I use them again after work with the cool pad on with massage again.

They fit neatly and securely around your horse’s legs. They’re well-made and a great piece of kit to use on a daily basis or have in your tack room to use after hard work or if your horse has banged himself.

Price*: £170

*Price at time of publishing - April 2016

IceVibe boots from Horseware

Knee Pro-Teque travel boots

For total comfort and protection while your horse is travelling Premier Equine have developed the Knee Pro-Teque travel boots. They are shaped to conform to your horse’s legs for a close fit and held securely in place with elasticated Velcro straps. To help your horse’s legs stay at comfortable temperature the main body of the boots is made from Airtechnology fabric. This perforated shockproof material allows air to circulate and heat to escape. It’s the integrated high-rise knee design on the front boots that makes these boots look a little different, but they’re designed to protect your horse’s delicate knees from injury. This part of the boot is made up of a number of shockproof layers for the best possible protection. They also have Microfiber leather guards for additional protection to the pastern area.

Price £79.99* (set of 4)

*Price correct at time of publishing

The Knee Pro-Teque travel boots from Premier Equine are shaped to conform to your horse's legs

The Knee Pro-Teque travel boots from Premier Equine are shaped to conform to your horse's legs

The Therapeutic Support Boot Air from Zandona

The Therapeutic Support Boot Air from Zandona, features 18 magnets to provide natural therapeutic support to the suspensory ligaments and tendons and help reduce swelling.

Price £163


The Therapeutic Support Boot Air from Zandona

The Therapeutic Support Boot Air from Zandona

Harry Hall High Viz reflective wrap boot

The quick and easy to fit Harry Hall High Viz reflective wrap boot will ensure you’re seen when hacking out.

Price £30


Harry Hall High Viz reflective wrap boot