Jason Webb: "Hacking is something horses love to do!"

Why Tracey Sawyer joined #Hack1000miles

Tracey Sawyer is Your Horse magazine's first #Hack1000miles ambassador and she is awesome! In this video, meet her, her horse Mirrie and discover why she got involved in the #Hack1000miles campaign.

Could you be the next #Hack1000miles ambassador?

Tracey Sawyer is the ultimate hacking ambassador...she LOVES to hack and here's a sneak peak behind the scenes on her first #Hack1000miles photo shoot.

Hacking matters and these guys agree...

Not yet sure that #Hack1000Miles is the challenge for you? Prepare to be persuaded as we've spoken to some of the best equestrian star in the biz and they all think you should sign up to #Hack1000Miles.