Your #Hack1000miles journeys are underway...

Since the launch of #Hack1000miles you've been hacking far and wide, keeping us up-to-date on your hacking adventures - so where have you been and how are you doing?

hack 1000 miles pic

Already you're adding pins to our map and we can see that you're getting out and about everywhere from the Isle of Man and Aberdeen to Ballinasloe in Ireland and Eastbourne. Awesome!

On Twitter, Dawn (@dawnlouiseastin) recently enjoyed a 5.6km hack in Brunshaw, Burnley and she shared a snap of her mapped route! Great work Dawn, that's 3.47968 miles to knock of your 1000!

Over in the New Forrest, Joanna Holland also completed at 15.57km hack - that's 9.631253 miles smashed Joanna - great work!


Plus you've all been sharing your tips with your fellow hackers! For example, Kelly Chapman has already done 20 miles so far and she's found that some tracker apps don't always work too well (depending on the area) but she's found a solution! Kelly recommends to fellow #Hack1000milers as a great way to track your routes. Thanks Kelly!

Kelly chapman hack 1000 miles

Join the fun!

If this lovely lot look to you like they're having an awesome time, that's because...they are and you can too! Join the #Hack1000miles challenge today and start clocking up your miles just like Dawn, Joanna and Kelly.

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