Where's Wally on the #Hack1000miles map?

Get set to find Wally!

Get set to find Wally!

As our 12-month challenge gains momentum we're getting some insight to where you like to hack - from Aberdeen to Penzance our UK map is littered with location pins and this week there's a special, hidden pin just waiting to be found.

You can let us know where you're hacking by dropping a pin on our interactive map
at Hack1000miles.co.uk and this means we can track where in the countryside you like to ride out. Be sure to add your details so we know who you and your horse are - you can even add a photo!

This week just for fun, we'll be playing a little game with you. From 12pm today (Tuesday 13 June) somewhere, hidden on the map will be a little pony called Wally. See where we're going with this?

Find Wally on the map, let us know his exact location and, if you're the first to find him, you'll win a prize!

Email us his location and your name to getinvolved@yourhorse.co.uk with the 'Subject' Where's Wally.

Happy hacking and happy hunting!