‘We’ll be carrying on for the rest of the year!’ Camilla Mascall completes #Hack1000Miles

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Camilla Mascall and her horses Star and Sundance have reached 1000 miles since 1 January.

Star is five-years-old but very bold. “She was hacking out by herself at only four-years-old,” says Camilla. “She has moments of hesitation but I try to keep it fun for her as she is still growing up.”

Camilla does lots of different things with Star to nurture her development. “We had a ride over the Severn flood meadows while they were flooded. Star needed her water wings, but she was such a brave pony, even though I ended up getting a bit splashed.”

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As well as Star, Camilla also has a retired endurance horse called Sundance, who she still hacks out. 

Camilla loves to hack to keep her horses fit and healthy for endurance. “We did a thoroughly enjoyable ride one morning with another endurance friend as a final blast before a competition.

“11 miles with plenty of canters, both horses bowling along together, side by side. They’re a stallion and a mare but I’m proud to say they had perfect manners and it was a delight.”

After 16 weeks Camilla reached 500 miles, leading an escorted ride for the Worcestershire Bridleways group. “My little rising five year old then led Long Mynd Bridleways for another eight miles, this time in the Wyre Forest. 

“Most of Star’s hacking had been done solo up to that point and for shorter distances, so she was learning to cope with the challenge of hacking in a group.”

During her challenge Camilla did a few endurance rides, including an impressive 82km (50 miles) hot and hilly route at Trawsgoed. “Endurance rides are a great way of adding to the miles,” she says.  

Commenting on reaching the 1000th mile, Camilla says, “I really didn't think we would manage it this week as we were busy with a lesson, clinic and a show. The recent heatwave was another obstacle. We’ll be carrying on for the rest of the year!”

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