Time to ride – when do you hack?

With 1000 miles to clock up, it’s no wonder our #Hack1000miles challengers are out and about at all times of the day.

We find out what their favourite time to ride is and why:

Steph Amery.jpg

I prefer afternoon or evening riding, it gives me something to aim for throughout the day.
Steph Amery

Any time after dinner – my horse is not a morning horse, though she doesn’t have a choice sometimes and admittedly she’s coming round to the idea.
Rebecca Louise Bithell


I mostly prefer to ride in the morning as I have more energy, but sometimes it is lovely to get out on a summers evening and ride to the pub for a pint.
Cathy Dance

Either early morning or late evening, when it's cool and quiet.
Karen Freyjasdottír Simons


Before work (6.30am) best time of day.
Anna Gibbs

I prefer to ride in the morning but sometimes I ride in the evening with a friend when she has finished work. It gets more difficult to do in the winter, though I work part time so I can usually ride when I like.
Yvonne Pember

Morning, when everyone is at work and the world is a quieter place.
Liz Roskell


Evening once my three year old is in bed, it’s a lovely way to relax after a full on day.
Lisa Kennedy

Definitely early morning. Best part of the day.
Julie Williss

I love early morning rides as it sets me up for the day, but I usually ride in the evenings with my daughter and our friend from up the road.
Clare Louise Perry

Ann Sidewell.jpg

Anytime is always a good time.
Ann Sidwell

I like to ride at any time, particularly on my days off work. At the moment, because of the hot weather I’m sticking to early morning rides – I’m in the saddle by 6am.
Mike Mills


Early morning rides are the best.
Gwen Brock


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