'The challenge gave us a focus' – mother and daughter team complete #Hack1000miles

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Kate Rogers and her daughter Abi have completed #Hack1000miles on their boys Monty and Bobby. After suddenly losing her mare, Jet, last August, Kate says the challenge gave them focus.


Kate started #hack1000miles last April but was grounded quickly after her mare Jet got her legs in a muddle and fell. Jet was fine but Kate ended up with a chipped bone and tendon damage to her leg. 

Kate says, “At first the doctors told me it was a fractured fibula, so I was pleased when I heard they’d misdiagnosed – it meant I could be back in the saddle sooner!”

A sad goodbye

After physio Kate was grateful to get hacking again. “I took my girl Jet out and added 5.5 miles over three rides.” Sadly Kate lost Jet to colic on August bank holiday. Abi’s horse Bobby pinned for her and developed colitis, but they brought him through it. 

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Along came Monty

They needed to find a friend for Bobby quickly, and that’s when Monty came along. Kate smiles, “On our first hack he felt like a bottle of pop but was such a good boy. I’d expected the roads to be quiet but we came across two flatbeds with trailers and diggers on back, another parked with hazards and whirly lights flashing, the cone lorry, a delivery lorry and a trailer full of portaloos, then a massive truck tipping sugar beet in the farmyard.”

It didn’t take long for Monty and Bobby to make friends, soon enough they were in the same field and going out for mother and daughter hacks with Kate and Abi.

Kate says, “Monty is somewhat fitter than when he arrived in Oct, although far more opinionated than when I trialled him! Bobby keeps him in check in the field though – he’s definitely the boss!”

A challenge

Having completed Hack 1000 miles, Kate reflected on their year: “I had no idea if I could look after horses again on DIY or ride well enough to take on a green youngster, (let alone two in a year) after a 10 year break from ‘proper riding’ and following two partial knee replacements in 2016.”

She smiles, “We’ve come a long way, the challenge gave us a focus – where there’s a will there’s a way.”

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