Proud happy hackers Jane Smyth and her 22 year old gelding Casper finish #hack1000miles

Jane Smyth 2.jpg

Jane and her lovely grey boy Casper started the #hack1000miles challenge in March last year.

As well as clocking up the miles Jane also did a bit of dressage and was awarded ‘Reserve Champ’, Jane laughs, “not bad for two happy hackers!

“Casper is 22, he’s so full of himself, but he is the best horse.”

Double figures

With a fair amount of their rides hitting double figures, Jane and Casper certainly don’t shy away from a longer route! 

Their adventures took them through snow and downpours of rain, past wind turbines and over main railway lines.  

“When we go over the main line railway we have to phone and then pump the gates up when the green light turns on, but it’s a fun ride and has good gallops.”

They also braved a particularly moody swan. Jane said: “The swan flies across the lake so we can’t ride there when they are nesting. But in August they had four babies so were happy just swimming about.”

Out and about

Seeking longer routes took Jane and Casper on a few trips. They stayed the night in Norfolk and did over 14 miles to the beach and back, then did the same again the next day!

They also went on a trip to Thetford forest, and did an impressive 16 miler while there plus a few other shorter rides. Jane smiles, “We had so much fun in the forest.” 

The only thing Casper seemed not too sure of were some bikes at a bike park. “He turns in to a dragon, they come flying down the hills and over jumps and we have to ride past to get home. When it’s a lovely sunny day it can get very busy. Casper finds it very exciting and then jogs and lathers up all the way home!” 

Commenting on crossing the finish line, Jane said: “I’m glad I’ve made it as I have an operation on my hand next week and I’m not sure if I will be able to ride for a couple of weeks.” 

Here’s hoping she’ll be back in the saddle soon.

Could you Hack 1000 Miles? Find out more about our fun, free, achievable challenge here.

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