Mum of three and serial headtorch hacker Shauna completes #hack1000miles in just seven months

Shauna Fowles.jpg

After completing her second hackathon for the Brooke, Shauna Fowles needed a new goal and #Hack1000miles was suggested to fill the void.

She has three small boys: Woody and twins Milo and Fletcher, and two horses – Thunderpants, a 16-year-old welsh C, bay gelding, and Wren, 21-year-old chestnut mare.

Night vision

One of our regular night owls, Shauna is certainly not afraid of a night-time hack, happily donning her headtorch and carrying on into the wee-hours (sometimes even without her headtorch).

She even managed to clip her horse Thunderpants in the dark! Someone’s certainly been eating her carrots!

Her son Woody also loves to join her on her adventures. Shauna laughs, “Woody had been nagging me for ages to take him out riding in the dark because he knows I do it a lot, but I always say no he is too little. But one evening we whizzed up to the stables, got tacked up and out the gate and managed three miles. 

“To Woody’s delight it was dark by the time we got back through the last bit of woods. As it was getting dark I asked if he was feeling scared and he said ‘no mummy, I did see a ghost, but I fighted it, I’m as brave as a mountain’. [Sic]

“Now he wants his own head torch!” 

Shauna Fowles2.jpg

Rouge branches

Coming home one evening after a lovely ride catching the last of the daylight, Shauna had a run in with a thorn branch.

Shauna said, “I was steering round fallen tree branches and didn’t see the thorn branch until it was too late – we were just going too quick! All I could do was hold my breath while it grabbed my face. Thunder pulled up straight away while I assessed how much blood was dripping off my face. 

Shauna adds, “This was while it was still quite light, I think I’m better in the dark!”

Long term buddies

Shauna and her mare Wren celebrated their 17-year anniversary this month. Shauna says, “She’s silly, speedy – I’m never 100% in control even in walk. She’s suspicious of people, (although not as bad as she was when I got her). She’s only 14.1hh but feels like a giant when she’s alert. She’s also bold, brave, loving, loves a run and a jump, and is very trusting of me. She’s actually pretty perfect.” 

The whole gang

When crossing the #Hack1000miles finish line Shauna made sure to cross it all together, with both of her horses.

Shauna smiles, “We have had so many fab times. A lot of them in the dark and in all elements as the bulk of my challenge has been through the winter. But we are going to keep going until August to see how many miles we cover in a full year. 

“Now the summer is coming we should be able to go faster and further! Not to mention entering sponsored ride season. 

“I’m so proud of my pony children and I’ve enjoyed every minute!”

Could you Hack 1000 Miles? Find out more about our fun, free, achievable challenge here.

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