'Life is brilliant with lovely horses to hack' – Jane, Rastas and Teddy finish #Hack1000miles

Jane and Rastas.JPG

Jane Jones and her horses Rastas and Teddy have completed their #Hack1000miles!

Jane bought Rastas after her horse of a lifetime, Winston, damaged his tendon. She wanted a horse to hunt while he was recovering. Jane said: “I liked the look of him from the photos. He arrived on a horse transporter and as he stepped off the lorry I felt an overwhelming sympathy for the poor creature. He was very thin with a terrified look in his eyes and any muscles he had were in completely the wrong places.”

Rehab with Rastas

Within days it was clear Jane had a rehab case on her hands, “He had no trust whatsoever in humans. It was evident he was not going to be suitable for hunting so we began our hacking journey. Then I saw the hack 1000 miles challenge in Your Horse magazine and instantly became inspired and enthusiastically printed off the form and got started.”

At first Rastas needed plenty of encouragement. Jane says, “Our first canter was a disaster because he put his head down to the ground and bolted in the opposite direction of my friends!”

A trip to the dentist revealed a hooked tooth, and with the pain gone Jane set about re-educating him. “By the end of the summer we were regularly enjoying 10 mile rides over all terrains and at all speeds.”

Jane’s personal highlight was in late August where they crossed Wales from Knighton in Powys to Aberystwyth over six days covering 85 miles.

Teddy and Jane.jpg

Turbo Teddy

However, when it became clear that Winston would never be hunting again, Jane found Teddy. She smiles, “He was a striking Maxi Cob who looked just the job to cover ground sensibly.”

Jane bought a cob thinking Teddy would be safe and steady, “As Teddy got fitter Turbo Teddy emerged. He has turned out to be the nicest horse I have ever hacked, a little strong for me but we have found our niche within the hunt trail laying. We cover all the same ground but we can go at our own pace and Teddy does not get excited and strong.”

A full calendar

So, does she plan to continue the challenge?

Jane smiles, “I am looking forward to starting the next 1000 miles. We have riding holidays booked in Shropshire, mid Wales and The Quantocks so far as well as fun rides filling up the calendar and in between lovely local hacks. We are lucky to live on the North Wales coast with easy access to the beach, mountains, woods as well as quiet country lanes and bridle paths.

”Life is brilliant with lovely horse to hack. Thank you Your Horse magazine for inspiring us all to get out and enjoy the countryside with our equine companions, I personally think there is no finer way to develop a bond of love and trust with your horse than facing the challenges you meet out hacking together.”

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